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Fans are just discovering HBO Max comedy series South Side. The series debuted its second season in November of this year, and finally it’s getting a little love. Super fans of the show question how more people aren’t watching.

South Side follows two friends and aspiring venture capitalists, Simon and Quincy, who just graduated from community college. The two are ready to take over the world, but must work at a rent-to-own store in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood until then.The show created by Diallo Riddle and Chicago native Bashir Salahuddin is shot entirely in Chicago and features a primarily Chicago cast. The cast and location choices make for a more genuine show like fans have never seen before on television.

The series first debuted July 24, 2019, unbeknownst to many viewers, on Comedy Central. It was renewed shortly after but Season 2’s filming was delayed due to the pandemic. New episodes arrived nearly two years after the first season aired on a brand new network as Comedy Central has since pivoted away from scripted comedy. It is a great move for the show, because South Side never received the viewership it deserved. Being added to HBO Max’s dynamic programming is a step in the right direction to more engagement.

Still, many people have not stumbled upon the hilarious show, and the network hasn’t promoted it much. More recently, fans of the show shared their favorite clips across social media so that others could be inspired to watch for themselves.

Maybe with Insecure’s emotional yet perfect finale fans will discover the comic treasure that is South Side. Take a look at some of our favorite takes from the show below.

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1. Incredible Casting


2. Keeps Fans Rolling


3. Sergeant Turner Is The Moment


4. These Two Are Comedy


5. Getting Into Civil Rights


6. Gospel Deep Cuts


7. Unexpected Discoveries


8. Even More Singing


9. A Show For Chicago


10. Everyone’s Itching For More


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