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If anyone wants to know how bothered model Amber Rose is that her ex-boyfriend and father of her son, Alexander “AE” Edwards, is now dating actress and pop icon Cher, well, apparently, she is 100% unbothered, and she wishes the couple well.

According to Page Six, Rose recently sat down for an interview with Jason Lee for an upcoming episode of The Jason Lee Show, during which she was asked questions about her feelings regarding Edwards being in a relationship with the “Believe” singer.

“I’m very happy that he’s with Cher because it creates stability for when [our] son goes over there,” Rose said. “That it’s not all mayhem and stuff.”

Page Six, which obtained an exclusive clip of the interview, noted that Lee appeared to be caught off guard by Rose’s positive, non-salty attitude regarding her ex and his new boo. (To be fair, Cher is 39 years older than Edwards. He probably spends a lot of their date nights applying Bengay to her joints until she falls asleep at 8:30 p.m. while watching Matlock reruns.) Lee asked Rose if she was OK with their 4-year-old son spending time with Mee-mawsorry—Cher, and Rose said she would never stand in the way of that.

“He goes to Chers house?” Lee asked. “So you’re definitely not the mom that’s like ‘You’re not going over there.’”

“Absolutely not, why would I do that?” the 40-year-old responded. “Let’s be very clear—why would I ever be mad at her? I don’t want him.”

“Somebody gotta tolerate him and it ain’t gonna be me, right? So I’m very happy that he’s over there with her because it’s stability for my son,” Rose continued. “The only thing that I ask is that you’re present, is that you’re a present father, you help me get him through private school.”

So, there you have it, folks. Amber is fine with AE, Cher and her child sharing space. Cheers to moving on and finding peace!

But see how social media is reacting to Amber’s stance below.

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