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Ceaser Is Tired of People Eating off His Black Ink Brand

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

This week on Black Ink Crew, Ceaser lets Rok and Krystal know how he feels about their new shop putting a damper on their big news. Tatti is still tattooing people even though she is not ready, and there is a new tattoo artist in the shop.

Young Bae Takes Tatti To School Tattoo School Once Again

Last week, Young Bae told Tatti to pump her breaks after revealing she is out here tattooing real people despite not being a professional tattoo artist.

We find out this week that even though Bae told her to chill with the tats and work on the fundamentals, Tatti is still tattooing people against her mentor’s advice.

Bae decides to teach her another lesson and wants Tatti to focus on drawing lines by telling her to trace over some work she did. As expected, Tatti struggles and realizes she needs more work and time before tattooing another person.

Quani Wants Her Own Career

Quani talks with her mother and tells her how she has been feeling lately about her life’s direction. Qauni’s momma understands her feelings about wanting her own career and getting out of Puma’s shadow.

Quani’s mother feels her daughter has earned the right to now do things on her own after supporting Puma and his dreams for so long.

Krystal Quits Black Ink After Ceaser Calls Her & Rok Out

In typical Ceaser fashion, he has to make an example out of people he feels trying to play him. His employees enter the shop, surprised to see their boss sitting at a dinner table.

The whole idea of the setup is a metaphor to call out workers he feels are making money off his brand, specifically Rok and Krystal.

When the couple walks into the shop, they come bearing the news they are engaged, but cold water is thrown on their announcement when Ceaser calls them out for opening their shop while still making money at Black Ink.

When they point to Young Bae having her shop, Ceaser points out that he allows it because Bae’s shop is discreet, but if it had a big front, he would not rock with her.

After Ceaser leaves, Krystal feels a way about what went down and tells Tatti that she quit leaving Rok surprised.

Rok has a conversation with Puma, and the OG Black Ink Crew member understands what Rok is going through and feels he needs to present a concrete plan to Ceaser.

Ceaser Quickly Replaces Krystal

Nobody quits on Ceaser, he fires them and quickly replaces them, and that continues to be the case here. After learning that Krystal said goodbye to Black Ink, the tattoo shop mogul turned amateur bodybuilder introduced her replacement, a tattoo artist from Texas named Michelle.

Michelle gets a cold response from the crew, but the viewers can’t help but notice how fine and curvy she is. We expect her to make a big splash in her new role.

You can peep reactions to the latest episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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