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Last week, Phor and Nina decided it would be in their best interest if he left the crib. Charmaine had to juggle running the shop and dealing with her father’s failing health. This week, the crew welcomes new life into the circle while Charmaine is prepping to say goodbye to her dad.

Phor & Nina Welcome Phorever

After bickering back and forth with each other the last two episodes, the moment the struggle couple has been waiting for has finally arrived, the birth of their son. Before she went into labor, Phor revealed to Ryan and Don that he had moved out. Ryan doesn’t think that is a good idea, but Phor is dead serious about his decision, much to the disappointment of Ryan and Don, who feels he should be there for Nina until the baby is born.

Speaking of Nina, she has her concerns following the fallout with Phor. Nina links up with Ashley and tells her about Phor leaving the crib and expressing he wants to take a paternity test to protect his paternal rights. Ashley rolls her eyes at the idea, but Nina is more worried about Phor not being in the delivery room when it’s time for their son to come.

Fortunately, the big finally arrived, and Phor was there for the entire process. Phorever’s arrival wasn’t a smooth one. Nina wanted a natural birth, but doctors were beginning to worry due to her slow dilation, so the doctors suggested a c-section.

Thankfully, Nina managed to deliver the couple’s son naturally, and Phorever came into the world, and it looks like the couple who has been at each other throats for the past couple of episodes are now seeing eye-to-eye again, for now.

Ryan Is Fed Up With Anthony

Ryan and Don meet up to shoot some hoops. During their conversation, Ryan shares that Anthony brought his son to Ryan son’s birthday party. Ryan was unhappy to learn that once Anthony knew that Ryan was there, he and his son quickly left. Ryan reveals that Anthony no longer wants him to be his son’s godfather and feels he and Anthony’s problems should impact the relationship with the kids.

Charmaine Has Had Enough of Kitty & Draya

Charmaine has enough on her plate. She is juggling getting her tattoo up and running while dealing with her father’s rapidly deteriorating health. Her dad’s health isn’t the only thing failing. Her relationship with Kitty and Draya is falling apart as well. Draya and Kitty express their issues about what is going on in the shop plus Charmaine’s failure to address the problems in her shop.

Charmaine is well aware of what is being said behind her back and decides to hold a team meeting to discuss the state of 2nd City Ink. The discussion quickly goes off the rails when Draya calls out Charmaine in front of the rest of the employees, declaring she has no intention of paying the $1,500 booth rent.

Prince tries to be the voice of reason, but the ladies are going at each other’s neck, with Charmaine eventually giving Draya the boot and telling her to take her tattoo equipment with her. Kitty did not appreciate how Charmaine handled the Draya situation and spoke up about it. Charmaine responds to her by pointing out she hasn’t really lived up to her brand manager duties, and if she doesn’t like the rules, she can hit the road too. The situation gets tense when Charmaine and Kitty get in each other faces, but no fists are thrown.

It’s also a bittersweet moment for Charmaine. Her dad is finally being released from the hospital, but it seems he has come to grips with his final days are ahead of him. He decides instead of spending his last days in Chicago at Charmaine’s house, he wants to go back to home Louisanna where he feels most comfortable to try and get healthy, but Charmaine knows this means this could be the final time she sees her dad alive.

This episode was indeed an emotional one. The drama between Charmaine, Draya, and Kitty eventually made its way onto Twitter, with the cast members going at each other.

You can peep all of the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Courtesy VH1 / ViacomCBS

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