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Twitter Has Thoughts About Ryan's Therapy Sessions & More On #BlackInkChi

Source: VH1 / ViacomCBS

Last week, Ryan held a struggle intervention dinner that didn’t work at helping bring them any closer together. This week he decides to work on himself mentally while the crew still processes what happened last week.

Prince Isn’t Feeling Charmaine

The episode opens up with Prince and his “buddy” Draya speaking about the meeting. Prince was not too happy about his boss calling him out and accusing him of cheating on his girlfriend with Draya. Both Prince and Draya are adamant in their denial of hooking up, but Charmaine feels otherwise, and Prince thinks Charmaine’s behavior was absolutely messy. Prince is now unsure if he wants to continue working at 2nd City Ink.

Meanwhile, Charmaine still believes something happened between Prince and Draya and decides to hit up her bestie Miriah because she really believes Prince and Draya were smashing during the pandemic.

Prince initially didn’t want to talk to Miriah about Draya, but he no longer has a choice thanks to Charmaine spilling the tea. During a dinner date with Miriah, she asks him about Draya and is inclined to believe her friend Charmaine over her boo Prince because she believes Charmaine wouldn’t bring this up without it being authentic. Prince doubles down on him and Draya only being painting buddies. Prince feels Charmaine isn’t truthful with Miriah and only claims he hooked up with Draya to be vindictive.

Ryan Finally Gets Some Much-Needed Therapy

Last week, before the struggle intervention, Ryan announced to his 9 MAG team that he was taking some time off to work on his mental health. This week, he meets with a therapist, and she digs deep, so deep that it has Ryan thinking about himself. Ryan realizes that he didn’t handle his parent’s separation well because it happened when he was only 15. Ryan is also still grieving his sister’s murder and feels he should have been there to protect her.

Ryan is also struggling with the thought of his sister thinking about him while she was dying, and it bothers him immensely knowing this. Ryan’s multiple therapy sessions continue, and he has sitdowns with his mother, father, sister, and even Anthony. Ryan’s therapist believes that he is engaging in self-sabotage and feels he needs to hold himself accountable for his actions.

Ryan’s therapist sets up a “circle of feedback” for his next session, including Don, Phor, and Charmaine. The point of this exercise is for Ryan to hear some much-needed truths from his closest friends. Phor believes Ryan is focusing on others and not giving himself enough attention. Don admits he is angry with Ryan for self-sabotaging, and Charmaine wants Ryan to take his walls down and allow his friends to help him and to be honest about his insecurities.

His final session with his therapist was a namaste moment, with her telling Ryan he needs to assess why he self-sabotages. She believes this all happens because Ryan still isn’t correctly processing his sister’s murder. Ryan’s therapist utilizes some yoga to help him deal with the grief and stress he can’t seem to let go of.

The Day Charmaine Dreaded Arrives

Charmaine’s dad came to terms with his life dwindling and went home to die. Charmaine knew this as she accompanied him on the trip to Louisiana. Sadly, that day finally came, and her cousin Danielle came over to console Charmaine, who is not taking it well and is in shock after losing her dad to cancer. Charmaine has now lost both of her parents in a short period, but she believes they are reunited in a better place and watching over her still-growing family.

Ryan, Don, Phor, and even Kitty share their condolences to their friend and cast member.

Our thoughts are with Charmaine and her family.

You can peep more reactions to Black Ink Crew: Chicago’s latest family below.

Photo: VH1 / ViacomCBS

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