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Homophobia is one of the most controversial issues in society today, with many across the world either opposing it completely or doing everything in their power to express their distaste for anything that represents the LGBTQIA community.

Rap superstar Cardi B recently let it be known that she’s on the side of support by sending out a tweet that denounced homophobic people as “ugly.” However, for all the positive reactions she received from those in the community and fellow allies, there were those that also called her out for being hypocritical given the rap queen’s use of gay slurs in the past.



Another negative reaction to Cardi’s tweet (seen above) was her declaration that women of a certain status are expected to, in her words, “have a gay best friend or gay best friend cousin.” Many saw that as a form of using gay men as “accessories” in order to live lifestyles in the vain of celebrities like City Girl rapper Yung Miami and her viral gay best friend Saucy Santana or social media star Ari Fletcher and her hairstylist Arrogant Tae.

The idea of a gay best friend, or “GBF” as it’s been popularly abbreviated as, isn’t a new trend; media has been using the trope for years in television and movies to display queer characters as sidekicks that are solely around to be support systems for straight female characters or further the over-the-top stereotype commonly bestowed on gay men.


Take a look below at the many reactions Cardi B received on social media for her “homophobia is ugly” tweet below, from those who co-signed her message to others that didn’t find the message to be all that sincere:



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1. Girl how you going say somebody homophobic like you ain’t make many comments about it. The audacity. I think you get on her just to talk.

via @onebyone___

2. but we are more than just the gay best friend or best gay couz, you know that right? Life is not Carrie and Stanford. We have an actual life. Mahal Kita!

via @selwinscotts

3. That’s not the point she’s trying to make. Her point is, everybody knows and loves someone gay. EVERYBODY! And every beautiful girl DEFINITELY has a gay in their corner backing them up! So if you’re trying to get with said girl, but you’re homophobic, it ain’t go’n work.

via @Jerfuhrer

4. Homophobic = Ugly Yees girl @iamcardib

via @Sextonbrella

5. Last year everyone was trying to cancel Cardi B for being homophobic; now with one tweet she’s a gay activist

via @Ryand1617

6. Lmaoooo. Wrong. My wife homophobic af & definitely not ugly. Try again Cardi

via @MulhollandL0ver

7. . @iamcardib is speaking facts, but I’m not an accessory either. I see too many straight people treat us as assets rather than actual people who have our own lives, goals, feelings, & experiences. The message here is not to be homophobic — not get you a gay friend to level up.

via @MrErnestOwens

8. I love how Cardi makes this tweet and people bring up her old homophobic and transphobic comments…maybe because homophobia and transphobia is normalized in Black & Latino communities? But the online activists NEVER want to talk about that.

via @AvengeTheVixen

9. This you?

via @sparklesdotwav

10. I don’t care what anyone says, in my experience if a person is friends with you BECAUSE you are gay, they are probably homophobic, and I speak from experience. I know Cardi B isn’t exactly straight, but lgbtq+ ppl can still be homophobic. Js

via @IamBelligerent

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