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That’s my best friend! Go best friend! You better!!!

Another national day to celebrate the beautiful people in our lives. National Best Friend Day acknowledges the people we have chosen to carry us through our journeys. Join us in celebration with a gallery of our favorite celebrity best friends below!

Today, we tell our best friends how much we appreciate their companionship. Let’s be real: A friend is hard to come by and finding a BEST friend is nearly impossible. You two could be longtime besties like Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland or new best friends like Michael Rainey, Jr. and Gianni Paolo. Since the day you met, it feels like you had known each other your entire lives. It feels as if no time is lost when you reunite after so much time away from one another. Maybe, kindred spirits from a past life.

Whether they’re near or far, these are the relationships we nurture and cherish for as long as we wish.

National Best Friend Day was created in 1935 by the U.S. Congress. History says they chose June 8, because its usually a pleasant day in all regions of the country, making it perfect for outdoor activities to spend with your most special friend. Get outside and celebrate with your bestie or send them a special note to say how much you love and appreciate their unbelievable friendship.

What is a best friend to you? Comment with your favorite best friend stories below.

Check out some of our favorite celebrity besties:

Go Best Friend: Here’s A Gallery Of Our Favorite Celebrity Besties To Celebrate National Best Friend Day [Gallery]  was originally published on

1. Christina Milian & Karrueche

Christina Milian & Karrueche Source:Getty

These two are practically real sisters. 

2. Kaavia James & Crosby Sparrow

Source:Crosby Sparrow

The tiniest besties. We adore these two! 

3. Normani & Megan Thee Stallion

Normani & Megan Thee Stallion Source:Getty

These two Houston hotties are everything together. 

4. Kim Kardashian & Lala

Kim Kardashian & Lala Source:Getty

An interesting and beautiful pair of besties! *Muah 

5. Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland

Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland Source:Getty

These OG besties are family. What’s not to love? 

6. Ciara & Vanessa Bryant

Ciara & Vanessa Bryant Source:Getty

Their friendship is so pure and loving. You can feel the love through each photo. 

7. Jennifer Lopez & Leah Remini

Jennifer Lopez & Leah Remini Source:Getty

This is how I hug my best sister friend! How cute are these two besties?

8. Caresha & JT

Source:Young Miami

The City Girls “act up” how best friends do! 

9. Toya & Tiny

Toya & Tiny Source:Getty

Forever best friends! The love runs deep. 

10. Tyler, the Creator & A$AP Rocky

Tyler, the Creator & A$AP Rocky Source:Getty

We saw these guys form an unbreakable bond. Surely, Rocky has his hands full now as a new dad. Surely, Uncle Tyler is helping out (or causing more trouble lol). 

11. Michael Rainey, Jr. & Gianni Paolo

Michael Rainey, Jr. & Gianni Paolo Source:Getty

From onscreen best friends to IRL, these guys seemed to have formed a close knit friendship over the years. They even started their own podcast off the show.  

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