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Person holding large piles of toilet rolls

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Folks are definitely starting to panic over the coronavirus and it’s bringing out the worst in some shoppers.

One trend that’s bringing the negativity is panic buy, or in other words, buying an excess amount of food and household items in case people need to quarantine themselves in the house.

Images have been popping up all across social media of grocery stores with empty shelves and long lines of customer rushing to get items.

The re-occurring images that are the most striking are the rows of empty toilet paper shelves.


Granted, toiler paper is ABSOLUTELY important in the event of a self-isolating crisis, but really?

Shelves were literally deserted.


Videos even surfaced online of people supposedly fighting over toilet paper during these coronavirus times.


Like…people are legit fighting the elderly.


It’s a mess.

Some people even had to deal with the selling out of food.


If you’re someone who hates lines, this probably isn’t the best time for you either. The crowds are disturbing.

Yet they say we should stay away from large gatherings.

The irony of it all.

Government responses to the coronavirus have continued to stroke fears with various schools and buildings being closed down and Donald Trump‘s announcement on Friday that we were in a national emergency. The discouragement of large crowds have caused many people to self-quarantine in order to lower their risk of outside germs.

Meanwhile, the CDC continues to give information that people can use in their decision-making in how to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

As for the panic buyers?

Try to remain calm and please, let’s not get violent.

You can check out some of the hoopla that’s already gone down below.

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