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Doja Cat Calls Fans "Stupid" For Thinking She Was In Blackface

Source: Dana Jacobs / Getty / Doja Cat

Doja Cat’s behavior has been the subject of conversation. Now, some people are accusing her of donning blackface in a new promo for her upcoming project, and the artist is clapping back.

The 28-year-old rapper/ is now defending herself after sharing a teaser featuring a normal version of herself and her alter ego, Scarlet, who was completely covered in blood from her latest album.

In the video, Doja Cat addresses other criticisms, mainly her behavior toward her fans. The interviewer asks, “This might be a silly question. Do you appreciate the people and the fans who support your music?”

The voices in regular Doja’s head reply, “I hate my fans. My fans are dumb.” Out loud, she says, “Yeah.”

The interviewer replies, “Nice. Love that. Love that.”

The promo did not land well, with some misinterpreting the blood and accusing the “Streets” crafter of being in blackface.

Scarlet has made plenty of appearances, most recently during a performance at the 2023 Video Music Awards for a medley performance of “Attention,” “Paint The Town Red,” and “Demons,” where her dancers were all painted in red.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Doja Cat loudly addressed those criticisms, claiming in multiple posts that “YOU HAVE TO BE…A VERY SPECIAL KIND OF F-CKING STUPID,” over photos of her dancers and herself.

X Users Reactions

Doja Cat also has fans coming to her defense as well. “Doja Cat been covered in blood for an album named “Scarlet” for the last 6 months. But of course it’s blackface,” one X person wrote on X. 

One post on X accusing her of blackface read, “How’s nobody upset that this grotesque caricature of a self-hating biracial girl who is severely stunted as an unbalanced hormonal femcel pick-me teenage drama queen wearing blackface? The “red paint” is too close to skin tone. It’s time to abandon #DojaCat. We don’t need her.

You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Dana Jacobs / Getty

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