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Los Angeles Season 2 Premiere of "The White Lotus" - Red Carpet

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The second season of “The White Lotus” ended on a somber note. Fans are mourning the loss of one our favorite White Lotus patrons. As the second season came to an end, fans shared their reactions to the highs and lows of the season finale, which debuted last night (Dec. 11) on HBO Max. Read more about the season 2 finale and see fan reactions inside.

The HBO series tied up loose ends throughout the season and proved that sometimes a getaway to Sicily isn’t as beautiful as it may seem. For some of the show’s favorites, it was actually a trip worth dying for.

Fans are devastated to discover the loss of Jennifer Coolidge’s beloved character Tanya after two seasons. After having some suspicions about Quentin (Tom Hollander) and his luxurious gay friends, Tanya ended up jumping to her death after a bloody massacre on the lofty yacht. Tanya killed nearly every person on the yacht including Quentin as she grew suspicious of their motives.

She noticed a photo of Greg and a guy that looked like her husband Greg (Jon Gries) as young lads. Tanya began to connect the dots when her assistant Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) woke up in a hotel with Quentin’s “nephew” Jack (Leo Woodall). He drunkenly admitted that Quentin has financial issues, which made Portia question everyone’s intentions. Though they were wined and dined in Palermo, both Tanya and Portia had a bad feeling about these guys.

Thanks to Jack’s kindness, Portia made it out of Palermo alive. Meanwhile, fans now mourn the loss of their favorite White Lotus character. May Tanya rest in peace.

Elsewhere, Harper (Aubrey Plaza) and Ethan’s (Will Sharpe) situation came to a head as he continued to accuse her of having sex with his former college roommate Cameron (Theo James). Harper admits to kissing him, but Ethan was convinced it was more.

He stormed the beach to have a deep sea battle with Cameron. Ethan took a huge jab to Cameron’s face, leaving him bruised. Ethan and Cameron’s wife Daphne had an exchange of words, where she gave him her nuggets of wisdom for a happy and successful marriage. The two snuck off to Isola Bella where they seemingly had a rendezvous of their own.

Despite an awkward last dinner, all was right with the young couples, with Ethan and Harper even getting in some vacation sex during their final night.

Meanwhile, Mia (Beatrice Grannò) and White Lotus manager Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore) had their own steamy night, which led to the aspiring singer taking over permanently for Giuseppe (Federico Scribiani).

Then there was Albie (Adam DiMarco), who proposed that Lucia move with him to Los Angeles. He convinced his dad Dominic (Michael Imperioli) to give him €50,000 as “karmic payment” so he could help her be free of her supposed “pimp.”

Well, city girls are up 50k. She ran with the money, taking one last glance at Albie before she left him sleeping alone on his final morning.

Fortunately, for the youngest White Lotus patrons, there is light at the end of the dark tunnel. Albie ran into Portia at the airport on their way back to the states. After telling her about the unidentified drowning victim and the yacht full of corpses, Portia realized what really happened to her boss. They both revealed they had gotten played during their stay and they ultimately decided to swap numbers. There’s one win.

Check out fan reactions from “The White Lotus” season 2 finale below:

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