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This coming Sunday (June 16), fathers around the nation will gather with their families and hopefully, get some well-deserved relaxation. A typical Father’s Day tradition is giving gifts to Dad and we’ve got a wide array of gifts for the fathers or father figures in your life.

Father’s Day typically centers on Dad getting a meal, his favorite drink, perhaps letting him command the remote control for the day, and other ways to make the big guy feel special. There is usually an emphasis on “real dude” stuff like cigars, whiskey, and grilling tools. While all of that is fine and dandy, Dads these days aren’t so easy to figure out.

In our travels, we’ve encountered Dads who like to explore nature, grow plants, expand their accessories collection, update their fashion, and even get into some games.  This list is another hefty one but we feel it covers the gamut of possibilities for the best gifts for Father’s Day.

Some of the gift ideas below have appeared in guides we’ve done in times past, along with several new entrants. As always, we’ll mention anything we know about the products, especially ones we’ve had the honor of trying out ourselves.

For now, peruse the gift guide, and Happy Father’s Day to all.

NOTE: This post will get continual updates throughout the week.

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1. air up®

Most should know that much of how things taste to us happens with our sense of smell, and that’s where air up® enters to help make hydration more enjoyable. Using their patented bottle and scent pod system known as Scentaste™,  air up® found major success across Europe and the United Kingdom and is making major moves in the United States.

Learn more here.

2. Aerangis

Aerangis is the creation of Alicia Tsai, who was inspired by her gardening grandfather who routinely gifted her aerangis orchids from his greenhouse. Channeling that experience into creating soothing scents is the mission of Aerangis today and who doesn’t like a nice-smelling candle after a long day?

Learn more here.

3. Arca Gear

I don’t know much about Arca Gear but I love what they’re about. As someone who loves long walks, having a place to store all my goods while on the go is a chore. Arca Gear handles that and more with enough space in its Arca Gear Hyrdo Carrier for bottles up to 64 oz in size. 

Learn more here.

4. Atacz

Atacz is a company that has serious aims of repurposing plastic waste and transforming it into a fiber that can be sewn into its variety of carrying bags, totes, and more. From bottles to bags, that’s pretty dope.

Learn more here.

5. Bellabu Bear

Dads deserve comfy, silky soft pajamas too and Bellabu Bear fits the bill. Designed at first to help the founder’s daughter rest well at night and not irritate her skin, Bellabu Bear is the only clothing brand to be recognized by the National Eczema Association. The brand is perfect for Dads with sensitive skin and I can confirm these are some of the comfiest pajamas I’ve ever worn.

Learn more here.


BODYARMOR is a brand I’m very familiar with and I just had a bottle after a recent workout with my pals.  The brand’s FLASH I.V. product comes in ready-to-drink and powder stick forms for all your rapid hydration needs. 

Learn more here.

7. Dometic

I’m not necessarily what you would call an outdoorsman but a lot of my buds are and I’ve come across some great rugged coolers and the like over the years. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like what Dometic has to offer. The CFX2 looks to be the brand’s latest innovation and electric coolers sound like something I need in my life. 

Learn more here.


GREEN builds upon the science of ORT (Oral Rehydration Therapy) and adds caffeine to the mix in its mission to hydrate and energize. The husband and wife team designed GREEN for morning and afternoon uses, or as they say, rituals, and you can even customize your orders. 

Learn more here.

9. Houston White

Houston White does it all. Fashion, hair and body products, coffee, you name it, the Minneapolis native has his hands in something fresh. I’ve tried out the full lineup of hair and body products and I recommend Houston White fully. 

Learn more here.

10. Keeki

I don’t know much about baking bread but I do enjoy eating bread. That said, if you’ve got a Dad who likes to bake bread, Keeki has a solution to keep the loaves fresher for longer via its beeswax lining and easy open-and-close method. Time to get to baking!

Learn more here

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