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Texas House Committee Holds Hearing On Uvalde School Shooting

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The Uvalde tragedy is still one of the most shocking school shooting events in recent history, and new details are coming forth from that horrible day. Footage shows local police officers toiling about on their phones instead of doing their jobs and protecting the innocent lives inside.

As we understand the sensitive nature of the Uvalde shooting, we won’t show the footage of the police officers casually checking their phones as children were screaming in horror, according to reports saying that the audio of the footage was scrubbed. But what is especially angering is that several accounts from the ground stated that parents practically begged the officers to move into action, with some parents taking on the role of protectors themselves.

The 77-minute surveillance video of the May 24 shooting was released exclusively by the Austin American-Statesman, and the outlet is currently enduring criticism from Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin for releasing the footage. McLaughlin also went after local ABC affiliate KVUE as well during a city council meeting on Tuesday (July 12).

For those who want to read the Austin American-Statesman’s account of the video, the footage and their breakdown can be found here. We didn’t view the footage because, quite honestly, reading the details was upsetting enough. On social media, images of the police officers sauntering about are truly angry. In the end, the 21 victims which included 19 fourth graders and two teachers perished as the police took their sweet time in fatally taking down the gunman.

On Twitter, commentary over the inaction of Uvalde police has garnered the requisite reactions that mirror and eclipse the tone of our post. You can find those comments below.

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