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French Montana has been releasing music since the mid-2000s and has emerged as one of the premier hitmakers of his era with over a handful of singles that are club staples to this day. On Twitter, a fan took a dig at the Macaroni Wit Da Cheese by saying he doesn’t have any songs without features, and the original Coke Boy shut the fan down.

Playing on the popular Squid Game memes that have cropped up on social media, Twitter user @sticktalkz asked posed the question, “for the next game, you need to name FIVE French Montana songs without features” using a caption of the maskless figures who worked in the deadly facility.

As the tweet gained traction, the Morrocan rapper and Max B affiliate fired back with a list of tracks proving that he’s had quite a number of singles featuring just his voice.

From French Montana’s tweet in response:

Ain’t worried about nothing


F*ck with me get bag

Don’t panic

Shot caller

Everything’s a go


Devil want my soul

Henny and my 44

What it look like

Salam alaikum

Hotel bathroom

I’m so special


Now eat a d*ck I’m droping a solo track this week

Welp, there’s that.

Fans of Biggavelli and the Coke Boyz wave are well aware that Montana has a bevy of songs on his own but does have a number of collaborations that, at several junctures, he stood out the most.

Of course, Twitter being the toxic cesspool it can be at times, they’re trying to flip Montana’s response back on him as an L but the fact is, a lot of those joints he named are indeed dope and no, we’re not in the Coke Boyz camp or anything but folks thirsty to get clout chips will do anything to slam someone online without fear.

As Montana said, he’s set to drop something this week so stay tuned. Keep scrolling to peep the reactions.

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