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BMF Episodic images from 202

Source: Courtesy / Starz

This week’s episode was titled ‘Family Business.’ Although the Flenory brothers are still at odds, we see them have to work together despite their differences to keep everything copasetic. Click inside to read the full recap of ‘BMF’ Season 2 Episode 2.


BMF Episodic images from 202

Source: Courtesy / Starz

In the first episode of this season, we found out that Meech (Demetrius Flenory Jr.) wanted to expand the drug business. He made good strides towards that by forging a relationship with K-9, his new connect. Meech, K-9 and his girl are all enjoying ice cream before the place they’re at is ambushed. The shooter ends up hopping out the car and running away on foot. K-9 tells Meech that it’s probably somebody coming back for revenge for him shooting the guy that owed him money from the basketball game. Ironically enough, Meech couldn’t be too concerned about the drive-by attempt because he was about to go to Cleveland with his mother and little sister to celebrate his grandmother’s birthday.

Meech seen the trip as an opportunity to make Cleveland the newest city in BMF’s organization. His plan was to put his younger cousin James on game and let him run things there for him. James connected Meech with Terrell, the local supplier in their city. Although he was hesitant, Terrell eventually came around to Meech’s proposition to work together after Meech basically offered him a free trial. They used James’ job at the movie rental spot to move the drugs discreetly. After Meech seen that they could move what he gave them, it was time for the next step in his plan. B-Mickie was supposed to bring more weight down but he was preoccupied with his mom and Detective Bryant (we’ll get to that in a few). Meech didn’t think it would be his younger brother who end up saving the day for him though. After Tee peeped that the cops were doing random stops throughout the city, he decided it would be best for him to take the load to Meech personally. Surprisingly, Meech didn’t show any gratitude.

James takes Meech to meet with Terrell. Out of nowhere, Terrell changes the deal and tells Meech that he wants a bigger cut. Meech and James tried to talk some sense into Terrell but he wasn’t trying to hear it. Meech tried to take his drugs back and all of Terrell’s people pulled out their guns and basically made them leave. Meech told Terrell that he would see him again…and it didn’t take long. Meech got the drop on Terrell. He helped Terrell’s mother bring her groceries in the house. Terrell has his mother go to her room while him and Meech talked. Actually Meech did most of the talking. Before Terrell could really even say much, Meech was already pointing his gun at him. Meech told Terrell that the deal would stay the same and that he needed to answer to James moving forward. Before he left, Meech was sure to take his drugs back.

Meech gets back to Detroit and pulls up on K-9 to deliver him his money. After, K-9 wants to show Meech something. He takes him into a room and the same person who shot at them earlier in the episode is nearly beaten to death. K-9 again emphasizes that if someone violates, he must demonstrate. Meech seems to get the message loud and clear. He tells his team that they have to do a better job at communicating and also that they should not take any orders from Tee. He goes a step further and ends up actually taking his anger out on his brother. While at the movies with Nicole, the two get into an argument that turns into a fist fight. The Flenory’s not being on the same page isn’t a good look for anybody so hopefully they can resolve things quickly.


BMF Episodic images from 202

Source: Courtesy / Starz

Part of the reason everything is out of sorts is because Tee (Da’Vinci) doesn’t know what he wants to do. Meech’s beef with his brother stems from feeling like Tee abandoned him. Tee is trying to live a drug free life but it isn’t easy. Right away this episode we see how much Tee is hating the work he’s doing. Tee ends up throwing a customer out of his car after they get into an argument. Of course Pops was not okay with it and let Tee know that he can’t do stuff like that. Although he was giving him valid advice, Tee wasn’t too receptive. It just so happened that he needed to hear it from someone else’s mouth. Who better than the girl he can’t stop thinking about?

Tee goes back to Markaisha’s job to ask some questions about adding another driver to the company’s insurance. While she’s helping him out, she puts him on some good game and tells him that the airport is where they can really make a killing. Before they left to go on a “shopping date” to get refreshments for the car, Tee takes some brochures. He ended up writing “Flenory Family Car Service” on them. Markaisha (Lala Anthony) was indeed right about the airport booming. Tee got 4 riders his first time pulling up. The only bad part was that there was a man who worked at the airport who made drivers pay a fee to park their cars there. Tee gets home and is ecstatic to tell his dad about his new idea. Charles isn’t a huge fan and basically scoffs at the idea.

Tee still goes back to the airport the next day. He tells as many other drivers that will listen to him that they shouldn’t be paying the airport guy anything. They agree to band together and Tee gets him to leave them alone. One of the people who drives for the Touch of Class car service takes notice of what’s going on. He approaches Tee and confronts him about writing on their brochures. Tee was doing good with staying out of the drug game to this point. It wasn’t until he realized that it might be best for him to deliver the drugs to Meech personally that he got back in it, so it seems. He tried calling his older brother to warn him but the conversation went south quickly. Tee went to grab LaWanda and his son and got on the road. Before they left, Tee put the drugs in his baby’s formula can. It was a risky move that could have went bad. Tee was pulled over by the cops but eventually got let go because of the fact that the baby was in the car. As if that wasn’t already a scare, Lucille almost put coke in the baby’s bottle thinking it was formula. Talk about a potential disaster.

When Tee gets back from Cleveland, he’s blindsided by his father. Charles tells him that he hired a new driver, Denise, who he used to work at the factory with. Tee is rightfully upset that he wasn’t consulted about the decision. Charles does his best to explain why it’s a good decision and how it will benefit them. Denise’s story will be one to keep an eye out for. Charles emphasized that she was a single mom who needed to take care of her child. She also told Tee that he wouldn’t regret hiring her. Are we witnessing her maybe get brought into the fold? We will surely see. Also, we will see where Tee’s head is. Is he in or out of the game?


BMF Episodic images from 202

Source: Courtesy / Starz

Things keep getting worse and worse for B-Mickie (Myles Truitt). He had to kill his girlfriend last season and now he’s being forced to give up information on his best friend. Detective Bryant (Steve Harris) is turning up the heat on him by the day. Bryant uses B-Mickie’s mom to keep leverage over him. It seems like every time we seen B-Mickie this episode, Bryant wasn’t too far from him. B-Mickie was on the phone with Meech, discussing bringing drugs down to Cleveland before Detective Bryant obnoxiously interrupted. Thankfully Meech didn’t hear him clear enough to put two and two together.

B-Mickie ends up giving Bryant something he can work with. He gives him the address and time that Meech is supposed to be at a stash spot. When Detective Bryant, Veronica and the rest of the cops arrive, they’re surprised. Although they arrest two people and get some drugs off the street, Meech wasn’t there. Despite not catching who he actually after, Detective Bryant shows his appreciation for the information B-Mickie gave him. He puts B-Mickie’s mom into a new and nicer facility. He tells B-Mickie that they’re family now. Detective Bryant seems to have B-Mickie right where he wants him and that is not good for Meech and BMF.


BMF Episodic images from 202

Source: Courtesy / Starz

Lets be honest. Is there a bigger buzzkill than Charles (Russell Hornsby)? He always seems to find a way to annoy us as viewers and this week wasn’t any different. As she’s getting ready to head out for Cleveland, Lucille (Michole Briana White) finds a dirty magazine Charles had been hiding. Once again they end up arguing about finances. Lucille ends up getting a credit card to buy her and Nicole clothes for the trip. She wanted their family to think they were way more well off than they really were. Lucille ends up spilling the real tea to her mother. She explains that her marriage is rocky at the moment and that Meech is selling drugs. Her mother comforts her and assures her that everything will be alright.

Just when it looked like Lucille would have sex with Charles, he ruined it. He decided that instead of complimenting her new night gown, he would bring up her opening a credit card in Nicole’s name (she was definitely wild for that but that’s beside the point right now). Again, an argument ensues and both parents get a chance to air out some of their issues. After all the fighting, there still wasn’t really a resolution.

At the end of last week’s episode, the real menace of the show made his return. Lamar wasted no time in getting back to his demon ways. He started his reign of terror by killing the cop that was guarding his room. He somehow makes it out of the hospital in the pouring rain. He’s picked up on the side of the road by his mortician cousin from the first season. We only seen him in this episode twice but we know it’s not going to be that way for much longer. What will Lamar’s first move against BMF be? Will Meech and Tee make amends? Drop your thoughts on the second episode of season two in the comments and also let us know what you think will happen next week!

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