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Funny Marco has been making a name for himself in the comedy realm. Coming up doing comedic skits to landing a fully produced TV series on youtube ‘Open Thoughts’ that has been recieving tons of traction and engagement. On October 15th, Funny Marco released his episode with G Herbo and Southside, which had a distinct ending.

The episode started with the award winning producer Southside, which seemed to go very smoothly. It wasn’t until another guest appearance, rapper G Herbo, showed up on set and things seemed to take an awkward turn. The two guests seemed to turn on Funny Marco, ridiculing him for his physical appearance, the way he dresses, and his approach toward women.

Behind the scenes, G Herbo and Southside took their bullying even further, ridiculing Funny Marco for his watch he claimed was wortH $30,000. The two went out to ‘test the authenticity’ of Funny Marco’s claims and ended up breaking the $30K watch.–h/

Funny Marco took to social media via facebook, responding to the reactions to his interview with G Herbo and Southside, and thanking his fans for their continuous support.

“I understand a lot of y’all mad about the interview I was upset while it was going on but I understand I got a job to do & one thing about me I respect people on my show.” Marco Explained. “I didn’t want to match they Energy it’s so many L’s I took on my Journey I wish I could show I don’t hide anything so I feel it was only right to put the episode out myself.”

Watch the episode of ‘Open Thoughts’ below!

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