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The internet is not very happy with rapper G Herbo and producer Southside after the duo made an appearance on YouTuber Funny Marco’s “Open Thoughts” podcast, which is supposed to be a lighthearted show that features humorous interviews with celebs and other influencers.

But most people, including the show’s host, thought last Sunday’s guests were disrespectful in the way they repeatedly told the popular podcaster to “Shut the f**k up” and called him “goofy,” that is, when they weren’t ignoring him completely.

On top of all that, footage that was edited out of the episode before it aired appeared to show Southside purposely damaging the host’s watch, which he said cost $30k.

“I understand a lot of y’all mad about the interview I was upset while it was going on but I understand I got a job to do & one thing about me I respect people on my show,” Marco told his fans who expressed their outrage at Herbo and Southside. “I didn’t want to match they…Energy it’s so many….L’s I took on my… Journey I wish I could show I don’t hide anything so I feel it was only right to put the episode out myself… and just learn from that episode & move on.”

“Thank (you) who support me, it’s a mindset thing,” he added.

Southside eventually posted a video to his Instagram page addressing the backlash (and also telling “grown men” to stop “DMing” him because he doesn’t want to address it.)

From Rap Up:

The Atlanta-based producer fired back on Instagram Live. “That n**ga wasn’t scared. If you were scared, I can’t help how your mama raised you. This is why I stay off this s**t because no matter what it is, n**gas make me the bad guy,” Southside asserted.

He further lambasted the podcast host for allegedly wearing a counterfeit timepiece. “Marco, I got a watch right now you can come get. I got a new watch for you, bro. Call me. I got something for you right now. And it’s real ’cause that s**t I threw wasn’t real. That watch was fake. It wasn’t a real watch. That s**t was fake as f**k,” the 808 Mafia co-founder said.

Despite the heated words, Southside also offered a somewhat backhanded apology. “If he was uncomfortable, it’s like, alright, damn, Marco. We’re sorry. [Me and G Herbo] didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, but you’re a b**ch a** n**ga. Just stay away from me, bro,” he said.

But according to the fine folks on X, it’s actually Southside and his cohort, G Herbo, who are the “b**ch a** n**gas.”

Here are some of the reactions denouncing the disrespectful guests.

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