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To the public, watching celebrity kids grow up before our eyes can be an interesting thing. Sure, everyone is almost certain that Blue Ivy Carter will follow in the pop star steps of her award-winning parents Jay-Z and Beyoncé, but what if she decides to, well, become a botanist or something?

All we’re saying is that celeb kids can grow up to be anything they want, and in the case of TLC member Chilli’s son, Tron Austin, we’ll go out on a limb and say he’s coming into his own as a talented musician of two equally gifted parents — what’s good, Dallas Austin!

Troy brought in his 24th birthday earlier this month, but we could’ve sworn he was 11 years old just yesterday! They tend to grow up so fast, but thankfully photos are forever and allow us to reflect back on how much he’s developed on all levels over the past decade.

Take a look at our quick “Then vs Now” photo reflection on Tron Austin’s development into a 24-year-old future chart-topper, just like his girl group icon momma and record producer extraordinaire dad.

Enjoy your birth month, fam!

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1. Then (2011)

Then (2011) Source:Getty

A few days before his 14th birthday, attending one of his dad’s launch events in Atlanta.

2. Now (2021)

….and now he’s a stylish anime head like the rest of us!

3. Then (2013)

Then (2013) Source:Getty

At 16 years old attending the CrazySexyCool premiere in NYC with mom, auntie T-Boz and her daughter Chase Anela Rolison. This photo actually caused Chilli to file a lawsuit against MediaTakeOut around the time it was taken after the gossip site made disparaging comments about then-teenage Tron’s sexuality.

4. Now (2021)

…thankfully, it looks like he’s way more confident and not letting negative media affect his self worth. Bless up!

5. Then (2018)

Then (2018) Source:Getty

Finally 21, the homie had himself a drink at a Fabolous-hosted event in ATL and a fly shorty on his arm. All grow’d up!

6. Now (2021)

….and as you can see, he’s got a permanent bad one on his arm nowadays. Hoping for the best!

7. Then (2019)

Then (2019) Source:Getty

Supporting his dad not too long ago at Dallas Austin’s 2019 Songwriters Hall of Fame induction.

8. Now (2021)

…based off his burgeoning music career, we might see the son follow in pop’s footsteps in the very near future.

9. Then (2020)

Then (2020) Source:Getty

At the end of the day, Tron has definitely grown into a mature young man that’s clearly enjoying his early 20s…

10. Now (2021)

….however, you can definitely tell he’s still a mama’s boy at heart. With a mom like Chilli, could you blame him?!

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