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DJ Akademiks might need to invest in some new security measures or face the wrath that his brash and bold opinions can inspire in others. During a recent appearance as a guest on the Fresh & Fit Podcast, Ak found himself engaged in a verbal war with Instagram model Whitney LeDawn, who reportedly pulled a gun out of her bag on Akademiks and the guests of the show while the cameras were rolling.

During the heated discussion, Ak hit a sore spot with LeDawn after he verbally accosted her for having a child out of wedlock and even seemingly threatened to have her harmed for coming at him. LeDawn jabbed at Ak over his weight and she was eventually escorted out of the studio space but apparently returned to brandish a weapon towards Ak and the rest of the guests.

The alleged gun-pulling took place off-camera but the reaction can be seen during the broadcast of the show. In a later Instagram Live session, Akademiks explained that he dared LeDawn to pull the gun and had a pair of associates who were allegedly armed and ready to take action.

“I’m like ‘reach for it. Reach for it, try it.’ That’s obviously because I’m looking at my man right here who’s ready, if he got to put them down he’ll put them down type sh*t. That’s kinda encouraging and inciting. So that’s not good,” Ak said in the clip.

Hit the 12:30-minute mark of the video below to see the moment in question. Start at the 7:00-minute mark to see how the conversation went left. Keep scrolling for reactions from Twitter.

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