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For many, there’s only one thing on our minds when we finally decide to roll out of bed. It doesn’t matter if we stayed up past our bedtime or got a luxurious eight hours of sleep…


We all know the type. The ones that can’t hold a meaningful conversation until they get their java fix. This day is for them.

National Coffee Day was first celebrated in Japan on September 29, 1983. According to, it’s now kept going internationally as a way to “promote fair trade coffee and raise awareness for the plight of the coffee farmers”.

Along with spreading awareness for coffee farmers, it’s our duty to also spread awareness of black-owned businesses. This is why today we’ve handpicked ten black-owned coffee brands you should try!

Keep scrolling to see all ten, and if we’ve missed any that deserve a mention please drop their info in the comments!

It’s National Coffee Day! 10 Black Owned Coffee Brands You Should Try  was originally published on

1. BLK & Bold Coffee

Founded by Pernell and Rod, BLK & Bold Coffee goes a step further than just providing delicious coffee. They also support the youth in a heavy way. According to their website, “BLK & Bold pledges 5% of its proceeds to nonprofit organizations across America that are aligned to pouring into children the confidence, exposure, and guidance for them to be the best version of themselves.” Check out their entire mission statement, and shop their quality products, by [clicking here]. 

2. Sip & Sonder

Established in Inglewood, California by friends Amanda-Jane Thomas and Shanita Nicholas, Sip & Sonder has been around since 2017. They offer coffee, tea, apparel and merchandise, which you can shop by [clicking here].

3. BD Imports

BD Imports was founded in 1999 by Patrick and Phyllis Johnson. Its mission is to sell sustainably sourced top-tier coffee, with a particular focus on gender equality. You can shop their products by [clicking here].

4. Black Acres Roastery

Black Acres Roastery is an artisan coffee roaster that can be found in the Station North district of Baltimore. According to their site, they ethically source beans and curate roasting profiles that provide each cup of coffee a story”. Black Acres Roastery has a wide range of products that can all be found [here].

5. Boon Boona Coffee

Boon Boona Coffee is sourced from Africa. Founded by Efrem Fesaha near Seattle, Wahington, Fesaha noticed that East African people in the Seattle community couldn’t find quality unroasted green coffee, which happens to be their specialty. If you’re looking for coffee that you likely won’t find in your local coffee shop, [click here].

6. Dope Coffee

Michale Lloyd, the founder and CEO of Dope Coffee, says their intent is to “bridge the worlds of coffee, Hip-Hop and Culture.” If you want unique flavors of traditional coffee or coffee-infused products that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, check out Dope Coffee by [clicking here]. 

7. Red Bay Coffee

Established in 2014 by Keba Konte, Red Bay Coffee got its start in Oakland, California. As an artist and a foodie, Konte’s desire for Red Bay Coffee is to “ensure coffee production is not only high quality and sustainable, but a vehicle for diversity, inclusion, social and economic restoration, entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability.” You can shop their vast array of products by [clicking here]. 

8. INI Sips

Family-owned, veteran friendly, organic… the list of positives goes on and on with INI Sips. Established in New Britain, Connecticut, INI Sips dabbles in coffee but makes their name in tea. With over 15 varieties to choose from, your next hot cup of coffee – or tea – should be from INI Sips. [Click here] to check out their website. 

9. MochaBox Coffee

MochaBox Coffee was founded in 2015 by Floyd Sartin and Harlin Thomas. Their slogan, ‘Coffee and Culture’, fits perfectly with their coffee and their merchandise. Check it out on their website by [clicking here].

10. Brickhouse Gourmet Coffee & Tea Co.

Founded by Akera Sellers, Brickhouse Gourment Coffee & Tea Co. is a family-owned and operated business. Sellers’ mission has always been to bring the freshest coffee and tea straight to the doorstep of the consumer. To shop their wide range of unique products, [click here].

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