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Cancel culture has become a buzzword among comedians, conservative pundits, and general unsavory sorts because they believe this mythical method of silencing is actually real. Comedian Katt Williams addressed the so-called specter of cancel culture in brilliant fashion on The Joe Budden Podcast.

Williams, 49, sat down with host Joe Budden and his newest co-hosts Ice and Ish along with Parks for a discussion that covered the Cincinnati star’s still-ongoing comedy career and a host of other topics. When the discussion shifted towards cancel culture, Williams made sure to do away with the notion that not only does it not exist but that comedians should use the span of their gifts and not use offensive terms for the sake of a laugh.

In the chat, Williams calmly stated to Budden and the rest of the show that comedians who rely on using words or terms that have been deemed universally offensive, including words used to describe people with developmental disabilities, have to change with the times. In framing comedy as the art form that it is, Williams essentially challenged his peers to change their approach using their gifted ability.

Some comedians, notably Dave Chappelle, have been critical of cancel culture but Chapple has also offered his take on it from the angle of everyone has something funny about them, even when those things have been hardships for those individuals.

Some fans on Twitter took notice of Katt Williams appearing on Budden’s popular podcast, which has seen a shakeup as of late with longtime co-hosts Rory and Mal leaving the program in explosive fashion and allegedly heading into the podcast realm themselves as a unit.

We’ve got reactions to Williams’ take on cancel culture from Twitter below.

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