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Twitter Mocks Jeff Bezos'  Casablanca Disco Party Shirt

Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty

The fine folks on Twitter are being really mean to billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and the disco-themed shirt he wore to bring in the New Year. Well, to be honest, he kinda deserved it, but damn, people, you ain’t got to do him like this. (But carry on, please—it’s hilarious.)

According to Highsnobiety, Bezos was in St. Barts at a disco party celebrating the coming of 2022 in a $1,327 silk Casablanca shirt. Because, A. the shirt is kind of ugly, and, B. Bezos is rarely ever seen wearing anything but plain button-down shirts and dark slacks looking like a department store assistant manager, people had plenty to say about his flamboyant choice of apparel.

OK, so before I show you the reaction tweets, we have the African American urge to get in on the roast session wherever roast sessions may occur, so…

Yoooo, somebody tell Bezos That ’70s Show been canceled, and he’s too late to get a guest spot.

Get Bezos out of here with that Great Value Gordon Gartrell shirt. 

John Travolta’s career didn’t die for this.

Jeff Bezos looks like he’s about to pull up to the sock hop and flirt with someone by asking, “Hey, groovy lady, you going my way?”

Bezos got disco fever while the rest of you broke h**s catching COVID. 

How are you an Amazon CEO and you can’t even get a sense of style delivered to you?

But enough of us going in on the former Amazon CEO, Twitter did an even better job. You can peep the reactions to Bezos’ tacky but ridiculously expensive shirt in the gallery below.

Photo: Kevin Mazur / Getty

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Well damn. 


Pretty accurate, lol.




Actually, this guy might be on to something. Telly Savalas did it better, honestly. 


I mean, it was supposed to be a costume.


Then some people just wanted y’all to stop being a bunch of haters.


Still, others felt Bezos’ too-rich-for-Woodstock look spelled doom for 2022.


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