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NHL: MAY 12 Golden Knights at Sharks

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Refusing to get vaccinated may be an issue, but using a fake vaccination card presents an entirely new set of problems.

In a vaccine secured area, it would threaten those who thought they were safe, and that’s exactly what NHL player Evander Kane did when he submitted a false vax card.

In a statement Monday afternoon, the NHL announced that Kane’s suspension was “for an established violation of, and lack of compliance with, the NHL/NHLPA COVID-19 Protocol. Under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the forfeited pay goes to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.”

What makes the situation even odder is that NHL players aren’t required to be vaccinated, but those who didn’t get the jab are subjected to more stringent testing protocols through the season’s 82 games.

“I would like to apologize to my teammates, the San Jose Sharks organization, and all Sharks fans for violating the NHL COVID protocols. I made a mistake, one I sincerely regret and take responsibility for,” Kane also released a statement via the Players’ Association. “During my suspension, I will continue to participate in counseling to help me make better decisions in the future. When my suspension is over, I plan to return to the ice with great effort, determination, and love for the game of hockey.”

Kane’s lying ways will cost him — he will be off the ice until November 30, which adds up to 21 games and $2 million in lost wages for endangering his teammates.

This isn’t the first time Kane has found himself in hot water this year since he’s already been accused of domestic battery and betting on his team’s games.

Here’s how Twitter is reacting to Kane’s fake vaccination card:

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