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Dating debates and horror stories are the norm on social media, but this one takes an unusually odd yet hilarious turn.

In the most New York tale possible, TikTok user nextlevellexuss warns fellow Tinder users in the Big Apple to stay away from a man she matched with named Josh.

Her story goes that she was walking around SoHo and locked eyes with a guy she found attractive, but they never actually spoke. Eventually, he hit her up on Tinder after remembering he had previously matched with her. After chatting, they grabbed a few drinks and made plans to see each other again.
The woman explained she wasn’t looking for anything serious, and they slept together on the second meet-up.

“Before we sleep together, we’re like chatting about fashion and stuff, and he really wants Tabis,” she says before revealing that she actually has a pair, and he’s been pining for the Tabi boots.

For those not in the know, Tabis are a split-toe shoe that is on trend now thanks to Margiela‘s iteration, which can go for upwards of $1000 on Ssense.

However, a seemingly innocent conversation about fashion leads to the most bizarre ending when she discovers that he stole her boots.

After he left, she peered over at her shelves and realized her Mary-Jane Tabis were nowhere to be found, so she immediately went to ask him.

“I’m not going to be accusatory. I’m just going to see if he knows where I put them. I got to Tinder to message him, and I’m unmatched. Gone. I’m like, ‘Oh no, this b-tch stole my f-cking shoes,’” she said. “I go to my call log, and he literally deleted the history of the call, so I can’t find his number.”

She then recalls that he asked to use her phone to put her on to a dope Spotify playlist, which is when he must have deleted all evidence of him from her phone.

Eventually, after posting a screenshot of his alleged Tinder profile in her TikTok storytime, social media sleuths figured out who he was, and the two began texting. At first, he refused to admit the theft because she didn’t have proof.

So she provided evidence of a picture that allegedly showed his girlfriend wearing a pair of Tabis that he’d just gifted her.

“Ight you got me, I’ll get them back to you give me a time and place & I’m just asking to remove the tik tok is all,” he finally responds.

Later, she explains that the two met up, and she got her shoes back.

Social media is still having fun with the situation. See the reactions below.

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