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Birthday Bash 2018

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Plies and Usher are breaking up happy homes and social media is here for it! Britney Spears and her husband Sam Asghari are filing for divorce after only being married a short year. According to TMZ, Asghari is asking for financial support from his spouse due to emotional distress. Asghari claims that he’s seen a video of Spears cheating on him with a house cleaner.

The video has not surfaced, nor has Spears made any comments regarding her alleged infidelity. Spears however, has her rebound waiting in Plies.

Birthday Bash 2018

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

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Plies has been known for trolling on the internet, but this seems to be more of an actual infatuation as he continues to entertain the idea of being with Britney Spears. He took to X (Twitter) with a video of him singing along Britney Spears’ ‘One More Time’, joyfully laughing and singing along to the chorus.

“Baby One More Time…… Send Me A Sign Baby!!!!” Plies captioned his video on X.

Check out what social media is saying about plies shooting his shot with Britney Spears


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