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Don Soup competes at Red Bull Dance Your Style National Finals

Source: Carlo Cruz / Carlo Cruz

This weekend, some of the best dancers from across the nation krumped their way to Washington, DC to compete in Red Bull’s Dance Your Style National Finals. After gracing the stages in Boston, New Orleans, Miami, Atlanta, and Chicago the winner of the DC battle will represent the United States at the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Finals in Johannesburg, South Africa on December 4-5, 2021.

The 2-day competition allowed dancers to battle each other 1-on-1, with the crowd voting for the winner at the end of each round. The infectious energy filled the Howard Theater from the dance floor grounds to the mezzanine seats. For a full 60 seconds, we watched on as each dancer hit us with a high dosage of rhythm and flexibility.

Venue at Red Bull Dance Your Style National Finals

Source: Flo Ngala / Flo Ngala

Fans from all over the country showed up to watch their favorites battle at a chance to represent the USA in Johannesburg. If you’ve been keeping up with the Red Bull Dance Your Style competition, then you know you can watch the livestream on In the meanwhile, check out a few highlights from the DC finals.



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1. Don Soup

Don Soup Source:Jesus Presinal

Don Soup was by far one of my favorite dancers to hit the stage. The animated dancer krumped and popped his way through the pre-finals, but he met his match on the second day of the competition. 


2. Krow The God, Angyil, Don Soup, and BEAST

Krow The God, Angyil, Don Soup, and BEAST Source:Carlo Cruz

Krow The God, Angyil, Don Soup, and BEAST were the shining stars from the Red Bull Dance Your Style Pre-Finals.

Krow the God is known for contorting his body in the most jarring ways. As he glided across the dance floor, he captivated the audience with his arms awkwardly twisted under his legs and behind his back.

Angyil’s confidence was the talk of the competition. The seasoned dancer swept most of her competitors with her diverse rolodex of moves. From Ballet to Salsa, she made sure to show us her range. We knew she instantly became a crowd favorite when they began to chant her name at the end of each competition.

Don Soup’s animated dance moves earned him a major win in the pre-finals. Between his rhythm and energy, I’m surprised he didn’t steal the competition.

BEAST powered through the pre-finals with his rigid krumping and various shoe and hat tricks. Although he is fun to watch, he did not move onto the finals.

3. Dassy

Dassy Source:Carlo Cruz

When it comes to dancing, Dassy is the real deal. Known for her talents on both the underground and mainstream stages, there’s no surprise that she dancer her way through the pre-finals, and found herself battling Angyil in the finals.

Dassy is the first Korean dancer featured in the award-winning TV show So You Think You Can Dance, where she finished in the top eight from over 4,000 contestants. From dancing in music videos and commercials to teaching dance at various schools across the nation, Dassy is living in her purpose – and it shows.

4. Angyil

Angyil Source:Flo Ngala

After 2 days of successfully bodying each and every competition, Angyil walked away as the winner of the Red Bull Dance Your Style competition. 

The multifaceted dancer is skilled in just about every genre of dance. Throughout the weekend, she boldly left all her moves on the dance floor and it definitely paid off. As far as her win goes, Angyil proves that with talent, dedication, and motivation, the limit lies far beyond the sky. “I feel so inspired right now. Winning Red Bull Dance Your Style USA inspires me to surpass any level that I have ever reached in my life with anything. I’m so motivated.” 

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