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Roy Wood Jr. has announced that he will not be returning to The Daily Show when it resumes later this month because Comedy Central won’t stop playing around in his face and make him the show’s new host already.

OK, he didn’t say all that.

What he did say in a recent interview with NPR is that he hasn’t been offered the job as permanent host of the show, which has placed him in a situation where he has to figure out his next move, which doesn’t include continuing on as a correspondent don’t the show, which has been his role for eight seasons.

“I can’t come up with Plan B is while still working with Plan A,” Wood told NPR. “The job of correspondent…it’s not really one where you can juggle multiple things. I think eight years is a good run.”

Wood said he actually doesn’t know whether or not he’s being considered to be the new HNIC of The Daily Show, but, at this point, it really doesn’t matter. We all know what they say about closed mouths.

“What could they really say?” Wood responded when asked how Comedy Central responded to the news that he was leaving. “[They’re] not going to give me the job just to keep me.”

Wood said there’s no love lost between him and the network or the showrunners. In fact, he indicated that he would consider sticking around if Comedy Central suddenly got itself together and made the right (not to mention obviously AF) decision and made him the new host.

“If you’re offered the chance to host The Daily Show at any point in your life…you have to stop for a second and consider that,” he said. “The next question becomes, ‘What does The Daily Show look like in 2024? And what does late night look like in 2024?”

Yeah, we love you, Roy. Any platform that lets you get away simply didn’t deserve you.

Meanwhile, On X, where the general consensus seems to be that it’s the show’s and the network’s loss and that both are fumbling a great talent, folks are not quite as forgiving.

See the reactions below.

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