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Steve Lacey throws a fit at his New Orleans tour stop when a fan throws a phone directly at him. The Internet singer turned solo act takes matters in his own hands. Steve Lacey somehow just got even hotter as he begins trending across social media. Check out our favorite photos of him inside.

Lacey was in New Orleans on Monday (Oct. 24) night for his Give You The World Tour and while performing his hit single “Bad Habit,” a fan launched a phone from the crowd, hitting him right in the torso.

The singer tried to handle it as best as he could, but ultimately cursed the fan out politely. He w3arned his audience of rowdy NOLA fans not to throw, “sh*t on his f*cking stage, please!” Then, he randomly asks for a fan’s phone in the front row. He quickly smashes it on stage before storming off.

Obviously, many fans were displeased with Steve ending the show early. Fans shared their experiences online. One fan shared on TikTok following the show, claiming that Steve became fed up with the crowd early on for not knowing his music and blamed the chaotic NOLA crowd for generally ruining artists experiences when they come to the city.

Lacey is still finishing out the tour with several cities remaining, so prayerfully those fans will get the full experience, because the Compton artist has a few bad habits and smashing phones is one.

We find him even hotter in a fit of rage so we made a gallery of his hottest photos below:

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1. Serving Rick James But Make It HOT

Source:Steve Lacey

2. A True Gemini

Source:Steve Lacey

3. How Does He Make A Banana Phone Hot?

Source:Steve Lacey

4. Okay, Pose!

Source:Steve Lacey

5. Come On Legs

Source:Steve Lacey

6. Stream Gemini Rights

Source:Steve Lacey

7. We Love You Even More Steve Lacey

Source:Steve Lacey
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