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Fans recently discovered girl group, The Womack Sisters. These skillful singers come from a long-line of legendary musicians like Sam Cooke and Bobby Womack. Learn more about the newest generation of Womack’s inside.

BG, Zeimani and Kucha are the three gifted and soulful siblings, who make up The Womack Sisters (TWS). They are the granddaughters of the iconic singer Sam Cooke, daughters of renowned songwriters and producers Cecil and Linda Womack (of Womack & Womack,) and nieces of singer-songwriter and R&B icon Bobby Womack. Music is in their blood.

One fan was shocked by the relation to both Cooke and Womack, quote tweeting, “IYKYK.”

Now, these three are ready to take the music industry by storm. The trio inherited the legacy of musical giants, but they aim to forge their own path. TWS released their latest single, “Lost For Words” in May 2022, which has garnered 92k views on YouTube.

According to their bio, The Womack Sisters grew up in a close-knit family on the road alongside their four siblings. They were able to perform worldwide alongside their parents, working with talents like The Rolling Stones, Ozzy Osborne and countless others. They are also proud to have worked with their late uncle Bobby Womack, performing background vocals on his final tours.

It is evident that their upbringing has had an influence on the sisters’ sounds, feel and energy. The three are wise beyond their years, providing a soulful sound like no other in present-day R&B music.

The Womack Sisters have played the background to their family’s undeniable legacy for long enough, and now, they are ready to step into their own spotlight.

Check out a gallery of The Womack Sisters below:

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1. Their Latest Single “Lost For Words’

Source:The Womack Sisters

2. Embodying Their Own Style

Source:The Womack Sisters

3. Showing Gratitude for the Movement

Source:The Womack Sisters

4. The Personality

Source:The Womack Sisters

5. Sold Out Dates

Source:The Womack Sisters

6. Just Beautiful

Source:The Womack Sisters

7. Practice Makes Perfect

Source:The Womack Sisters

8. They Can Sing, SING

Source:The Womack Sisters

9. BTS

Source:The Womack Sisters

10. Everything

Source:The Womack Sisters
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