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The life of a fashion and beauty editor ain’t easy. I spend most of my days learning about the latest products and testing them outso I can deliver the 411 on your glam necessities. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it! 

Spring is in full bloom, marking a prime time for new and revamped products to hit the shelves. From cleansers that simplify your skincare routine to the latest, boldest mascara perfect for date night, there’s a robust list of goodies worth adding to your makeup bag. 

Beauty routines usually shift as the weather gets warmer. There is something about bottomless brunches and sundress season that makes the girlies want to add vibrant colors to their makeup slays. This summer, expect to see lots of hues dress the eyes, from color mascara to double winged eyeliner looks. 

Cardi B debuted pink eye shadow, lashes, and brows for her “Like What” music video, lending a glimpse into the beauty trend. Her look erred on the less subtle side of the spectrum. 

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This roundup features a little bit of everything—including products you didn’t know you needed. For instance, keeping my hair intact took priority over adhering to my gym membership. Sweating out my twist out or locking moisture into my protective styles became my excuse for skipping workouts until Gymwraps hopped on my radar. Working out and sustaining my hairstyle can co-occur, but we’ll get into that later.

If you’re looking for a few new items to add to your beauty bag, we’ve got you covered. This season, brands are prioritizing bright colors, powerful cleansers, and so much more. Here are seven beauty items you’ll want to “add to cart” this summer. 

These 7 Must-Have Beauty Products Will Enhance Your Glam Session

These 7 Must-Have Beauty Products Will Enhance Your Glam Session  was originally published on

1. The Lip Bar’s Big Timer Mascara

The Lip Bar's Big Timer Mascara Source:The Lip Bar

Cardi showed us how fun adding color to your eyelashes can be. You can commit to the look the way the “Tomorrow 2” rapper did, with matching shadow and eyebrows, or you can don a more subtle look with The Lip Bar’s Bog Timer volume-boosting mascara, which effortlessly lifts and nourishes your lashes. It is available in three shades: Black, Money Green, and Something Blue. 

2. Sephora’s Hydrating Face Mask

Sephora's Hydrating Face Mask Source:Sephora

A clean, hydrated face is vital to create a smooth canvas for your beauty beat. Sephora’s hydrating face mask is the perfect addition to your skincare routine because it provides six hours of hydration. And for $6 a pop, you can stock up on all the flavors, including Coconut, Matcha, Lemon, Blueberry, Watermelon, and Lychee.

3. Olay’s Cleansing Melts

Olay's Cleansing Melts Source:Olay

Olay has upped the ante with their latest product, Olay Cleansing Melts. The innovative formula produces a welcoming lather to the face that is guaranteed to remove makeup, oil, and other hidden dirt buried on the face.

4. Novara Skin Care

Novara Skin Care Source:Novara skin care

Novara Skin Care transforms lives through its various products and mission to promote suicide awareness. With each purchase, 20% is donated to suicide prevention. By supporting the brand, you’re not only restoring your skin with necessities like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and more, but you’re also helping others find their way out of darkness. 


5. Danessa Myricks Beauty’s Colorfix Matte Pastels

Danessa Myricks Beauty's Colorfix Matte Pastels Source:Danessa Myricks Beauty

The double-winged eyeliner trend is a fun, summer look that can be achieved with Danessa Myricks Beauty’s 4 NEW Colorfix Matte Pastels and 4 New Matte Shades.

The new Colorfix Matte Pastels are highly pigmented, multipurpose, waterproof, and designed with a long-wearing cream formula. The bright pastel tones are designed for the eyes, face, and lips. Along with the pastels the brand also launched 4 new vibrant Colorfix matte shades to give any makeup look a bold standout feature. 

6. Colourpop’s Pokemon Eye Shadow Palette

Colourpop's Pokemon Eye Shadow Palette Source:Colourpop

Pigment is the name of the game with Colourpop’s latest launch. The brand’s Pokemon Eye Shadow Palette features 24 shades of vibrant colors that are perfect for the summer season. The palette boasts long-lasting,  blendable hues that range in color.

7. Gymwraps’ Headbands

Gymwraps' Headbands Source:Gym Wrap

The Gymwrap brand, created by actress Nicole Ari Parker, is for the girlies who won’t let a little sweat get in the way of the rest of their day. Each headwrap, headband, hat and visor is equipped with performance fabrics that wick away sweat, dry quickly, and offer a breathable fit, keeping hair protected and out of the face. 

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