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More people gravitated to TikTok this year, making it the most visited website over Google. This year brought some of the social media platform’s biggest and outrageous trends. We rounded up a list of the most popular TikTok trends of 2021.

Whether TikTok users were complaining about their work from home woes or the videos that live in our heads rent free, there were a lot of trending topics that started on the viral platform. These videos also received thousands of views across other social media platforms we love like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook but the reality is TikTok is where most people found themselves scrolling the most this year.

There are millions of users on TikTok posting and following. Naturally, there are several challenges, songs and effects that grow quickly on the site. Many artists are being discovered or rediscovered because of these trends and the massive use of their songs. Surely, Natasha Bedingfield is happy to be a small piece of the resurgence with her song “Unwritten” going viral this year.

Still, it is a wonder how these trends come about. Sometimes it begins with one person’s infatuation or use of a sound. Other times, the video is older footage Gen Z’ers may have missed from the Vine wave that hit the world in 2013.

TikTok provides a stage for thought-provoking videos and misinformation. Many worlds exists on the platform from beauty to safety hacks. We previously reported one of the most outlandish beauty trends to date where users began using lubricant as primer. As we dive deeper into the trends that made a mark in 2021, readers will discover that TikTok is truly a world of its own.

Here is a huge list of TikTok’s favorites conveniently categorized because there are just so many videos to choose from:

Take a look inside our list of TikTok’s most popular trends this year.

Viral Videos: A List Of 2021’s Most Popular TikTok Trends  was originally published on

1. WFH Woes


When that meeting could have been an email or when you are forced to turn on your Zoom camera. All of these viral videos were super relatable this year. 

2. Dating In Your…


Dating in your (insert whatever age here) became a trend this year because dating is just hard whenever you have to do it. Shout out the couples that figured it out, because wedding tiktok is also a thing. 

3. Living In My Head Rent Free


So many funny videos resurfaced from this viral trend on TikTok. This one is hilarious! The trend quickly made its way to other platforms. 

4. Tell Me Without Telling Me


Tell me you live with a man without telling me you live with a man. This was sort of a show and tell trend and we lived for it in 2021. 

5. I Love You More Than My Life


Somali artist Nimco Happy’s wildest dreams came true thanks to this sound and trend on TikTok. Celebrities like Cardi B even joined in on the fun. 

6. Sheeeeesh


This sound made its way into people’s rap songs far beyond TikTok, and we still have no idea where it came from. Somehow, it’s still funny. 

7. Thrift Hacks


The kids are alright. More users are leaning towards a more sustainable life, so the thrift hacks and flips are in abundance on the platform. 

8. Something About A Tidy Home


#CleanTok has garnered over 27.9 billion views because people love seeing other people’s tidy homes. Strange but interesting trend. 

9. Life Hacks


So many things to discover on TikTok, and this trend of spreading helpful tips is one of our favorites. 

10. The Crate Challenge


People became really bored, but the crate challenge where people attempted to climb up stacks of milk crates proved to be quite entertaining. 

11. Lube As Primer


This beauty trend is wild and clinically very unsafe but that didn’t stop the girls from trying it for a flawless finish. 

12. Adult Swim


This trend started by the network’s social media manager was pure marketing genius. So many walks of life joined in to create videos doing what they do best adding the adult swim bumper to the end. Bravo!

13. The Silhouette Challenge


This one had the timeline in a frenzy. It was quite the sexy trend until people started to make a mockery of the entire challenge. 

14. Buss It!


The Buss It challenge put Erica Banks in the spotlight. TikTok users transformed and dropped it down with their “Megan knees.”

15. ‘Backyardigans’ At No. 1


Yes the children’s show Backyardigans began to trend thanks to the song “Castaways,” which went on to debut at #1 on the US Spotify Viral 50 chart

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