Pittsburgh Steelers great Franco Harris has passed away. The news was confirmed by his son Dok to the Associated Press

Jordan took social media by storm during the pandemic, earning a whole new generation of fans

BET’s Baldwin Hills star Gerren Taylor passed away in her sleep on April 11, 2021.

Founding member of 'The Supremes', Mary Wilson has suddenly passed away. 

"I didn’t even know people in the industry knew who I was until they were in my face," MO3 said of his growing rap career outside of Dallas. The talented 28-year-old was gunned down in Dallas on Wednesday (November 11).

The Scottish actor became famous as Ian Fleming's dashing and death-defying spy but also continued to shine in roles outside of the Bond character as well.

Boseman was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016 and battled with the disease even as he rose to global superstardom.

Raymond G. Allen Sr., an actor who played roles in classic 70’s television shows like Sanford and Son and Good Times has died.

NBA Hall of Famer Wes Unseld has passed away. He was 74.

The former WWE star had been missing for two days after getting caught in a rip current in Los Angeles.