Now that he's been in the lab with the legendary wordsmith in Common and crafting a brand new project in 'The Auditorium, Vol. 1,' Pete Rock and Common are collaborating to bring some soulful sounds with meaningful content to their day-one fans and the culture in general.

The two were spotted this week sitting courtside at a January 10 L.A. Clippers game. Cuddled up while laughing and smiling, J-Hud and Common look adorable.

OK Girl! Jennifer Hudson reportedly walks hand in hand with Common during a weekend night out in NYC.

Common and Jennifer make a cute couple. Don't you think? Did you see J Hud's recent comments on her fellow Chicagoan?


Common helped create a music recording studio for inmates at Stateville Correctional Center in Illinois.

Even though he has a couple of classics under his belt, Common wishes he could have done things differently. During a recent interview he revealed he regrets not making a third album with Kanye West. As spotted on Complex the Chicago native recently talked to Andrew Barber on The Coda Collection. While the two discussed a myriad […]

On Sunday (Aug 2), Jaguar Wright took to Instagram live to address the disrespect she alleges that she faced at the hands of Common.

D.L. Hughley appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and described collapsing onstage during a recent standup gig. Hughley explained how he felt faint prior to performing and even asked his opening act to stretch his set in order to give himself more time to get ready.