Vaccine distribution is not keeping up with the impact of COVID-19 on Black and other communities of color.

Dr. Ian Smith joins The Morning Hustle for all the latest coronavirus updates, including the variants and what that could mean for vaccine distribution. As of Tuesday, January 26th, there have been a reported 421K total deaths in the United States.

We're all excited about 2021, but with coronavirus cases souring to all time highs, Dr. Ian Smith explains why we still must continue to take caution.

Dr. Ian Smith joined us on The Morning Hustle to discuss the latest coronavirus vaccine updates, what it means moving forward, and more!

Prayers have been answered. Chicago singer Jeremih has been removed from the ICU, where he was battling COVID-19 since at least last week.

Dr. MJ Collier joins The Morning Hustle to give us his coronavirus update and what Pfizer's preliminary vaccine results mean for when we potentially could get a vaccine approved for the people.

A student who uploaded images of the inside one school and the lack of distancing among other concerns has been suspended.

Our cellphones are probably one of the most important tools in our lives, so it's important that we know how to clean them properly.

Listen as Billy finds out his latest COIVD-19 test results as he reads it live on air after testing positive two weeks ago.