While chatting things up with Fat Joe, Ja Rule, and Remy Ma for a post-Verzuz recap, Ashanti revealed that she has no interest in reconciling with her ex of 11-years due to being in a relationship.

The Morning Hustle

After an Instagram announcement, fans are speculating that a Kendrick Lamar album is on the way.

You can now own a legendary piece of Fyre Festival history, all for a good cause, of course.

The Morning Hustle

Fans can tune in on YouTube to stream a “visual album experience” titled The Marathon from Nipsey Hussle this Friday.


Either Ja Rule is an exceptional troll or he is absolutely spectacular when it comes to failing to read the room. The Queens rapper recently said former President Donald Trump would be welcome on his Iconn app.

ESPN's Twitter account shared a video of a 2019 Milwaukee Bucks halftime show where the veteran rapper's microphone was apparently dead thus no reaction from the crowd.

Jefferey Atkins, aka Ja Rule, has once again become the laughing stock of Twitter, and it has nothing to do with struggle cheese sandwiches and models wanting to swim with pigs.

Yesterday (April 13), Ja Rule had Rap Twitter in a tizzy after he revealed he was down to go song for song with 50 Cent in a Verzuz battle. His Queens nemesis responded in the most 50 Cent way possible, with a couple memes. 

Ja Rule stays with a side hustle, that plenty of times gets him roasted on these Internets.