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The Morning Hustle

Talented podcast personality Olivia Dope is hitting Joe Budden with sexual harassment claims stemming from a broadcast the two were part of earlier this year.

Despite loads of success which is still ongoing, the show has experienced a moment many saw coming after Budden apparently fired Rory and ended the podcast as many knew it.

As the world continues to wait on pins and needles over the 2020 election humor is in high demand right now. One reality television star got some comedic relief from a misfired tweet. As spotted on Hot New Hip Hop a meme with good intentions didn’t connect as intended but went viral as a funny fail. […]


Joe Budden seriously had to deny having sex with dogs.

Luckily Logic was able to get over those feelings, but if he thought that revelation would draw any kind of empathy from the New Jersey rapper, he was sadly mistaken.

Say it ain’t so Joe. At a time when many people are saying, “new year, new me,” some folks are keeping the old narrative going by continuing to police how Black women respond to slander.