Georgia police forcibly arrested Democratic State Rep. Park Cannon for peacefully and nonviolently protesting the governor signing a new law increasing voting restrictions expected to disproportionately affect Black people. 

As of this morning (Jan. 6th), Bakari Sellers joined us on The Morning Hustle to break down everything around the Georgia Election, what the victory means for the country, and much more!

Stacey Abrams breaks down why this runoff election is not only important for Georgia but the entire nation. 

Lore'l breaks out the facts & historical data today to explain to you why we all need to get out and vote! If you voted already, tell a friend, or grab a family member and bring them to the polls!

According to WSBTV, a glitch in the voting machines in Spalding County, Georgia has caused all the machines to be temporarily shut down countrywide. 

From candidates for Congress to the U.S. Senate, a change in the balance of power on Capitol Hill is looming large in certain pockets of America depending on how the down-ballot elections turn out.

It’s officially voting season and Freeform kicked it off with the debut of a new, unscripted election-themed comedy series hosted and co-created by Kal Penn called Kal Penn Approves This Message.

Maryland state leaders are calling for a review of problems in this week’s primary election.