Lore'l gives Who's Cappin to the NBA and Karl Malone after their decision to include him during All-Star weekend drew outrage because of Malone’s dark past in the 1980s; the Hall of Famer impregnated a 13-year-old girl named Gloria Bell when he was a 20-year-old sophomore at Louisiana Tech.


Our girl Lore'l is giving the wife of Florida based rapper, Waka Flocka and recording artist, Tammy Rivera after she shared a series of videos to her Instagram page that captured a recent encounter during a trip to her neighborhood CVS pharmacy and convenience store. In the video she accuses store worker of profiling and watcher her in the store while she attempted to shop.

Lore'l is calling "CAP!" on Michael Costello over at 'The Morning Hustle' after designer Maxie James pulled up some receipts!

On today's docket of those who need to be put on blast for "Who’s Cappin!??," Lore'l puts the spotlight on D.C. sports bar Nellie's after a Black woman was dragged down the stairs by her hair.

'The Morning Hustle' crew had to question the validity of these new mask mandates for our latest segment of "Who's Cappin?!" with the good sis Lore'l.

The Morning Hustle

Mr. Corvette Corvette says he's quitting rap after being outed for being a "snitch."

After Jared Kushner's comments about black people needing to want to succeed more, Lore'l is calling cap!

Find out why Lore'l had to call CAP on rapper Asian Doll!