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Mastermind MGMT CEO Tamara Taylor

Source: Shaun Andru / Shaun Andru

As the urban and pop culture space continues to blossom, it’s essential for image architects to have their talent honed and nurtured. Unfortunately, talent management can sometimes consist of representatives furthering their own agendas rather than supporting their clients. That said, Tamara Taylor has flipped the script with her premier artist management company, Mastermind MGMT.

Mastermind MGMT, founded in 2013, sets the standard for increasing artists’ visibility by negotiating key opportunities. With a roster full of clients, including hairstylist Kellon Deryck, stylist Kollin Carter, costume designer and stylist Zerina Akers, and more, Tamara has mastered the art of elevating the careers of today’s most notable glam and grooming visionaries. 

While the agency redefines the meaning of empowering artists to reach their full potential, coincidentally, it has done the same for its founder. Before stepping into the talent management industry, Tamara worked in operations management. However, being laid off from corporate America was a “beautiful nightmare” that set the tone for her life-changing pivot. 

“I say that it was a beautiful nightmare because it was unexpected. I didn’t have a plan,” Tamara tells Hello Beautiful. “The only thing I knew was that I just did not want to be treated like I was disposable anymore. And I knew that I was not going to go back to corporate America. I just took the opportunity that came to me randomly and figured it out as I went along in time. It turned into a very beautiful story.”

A business relationship with Law Roach planted the seeds for Mastermind MGMT.

Thanks to Tamara’s experience in operations management, she was able to lend her services to Law Roach, the visionary behind Zendaya’s breathtaking style. Although her duties consisted of standard business management regarding his finances, Tamara quickly realized that “there was a gap missing.”

“We realized that he should have someone speaking on his behalf, as well,” Tamara tells us. “There was a gap in some artists having that missing voice on their behalf. With how social media was shifting, to where everyone was becoming accessible, I saw a niche for me to be able to provide an alternate option for the traditional representation route.”

She explained that before the social media era, agents had to actively seek out others to connect their clients with other talent. However, through Tamara’s role with Roach, she immediately saw the differences in her skillset compared to other representatives. 

“As I was working with Law and some of the colleagues, I noticed that the way I was showing up for them was different from how other reps showed up for their artists,” Tamara says. “And I was like, OK, there’s an opportunity here to provide a higher level of service and a certain type of service that artists may not be used to getting from the traditional representation route. And that’s when I decided to build [Mastermind MGMT] out.”

Mastermind MGMT CEO Tamara Taylor

Source: Shaun Andru / Shaun Andru

The artist management company also focuses on helping talent run successful businesses.

Aside from being a dealmaker, Tamara understands the importance of nurturing Black talent. Too often, talent managers strictly focus on making deals rather than helping clients broaden their horizons. At Mastermind MGMT, helping talent run successful businesses independently is necessary.

As the number of entrepreneurs in the Black community grows, many are not receiving proper resources. Mastermind MGMT has many entrepreneurs on its roster. However, there have been instances where talent has been ill-advised or neglected by their former agencies.

“I’ve seen artists come to me after they’ve been taken advantage of,” Tamara tells us. “I’ve said, ‘Wait, you don’t have an entity setup. You’ve been on the agency’s roster. Nobody shared that you should set up the LLC, get a CPA or be an S Corp for calculation purposes?’”

“If you truly value and care about them, why aren’t you at least trying to help them or point them in the right direction to take their business to the next level,” she continues.

Tamara Taylor’s latest venture, Mastermind Matters, is a resource for creative entrepreneurs.

After learning of artists facing hardships during their entrepreneurial journeys, Tamara decided to take matters into her own hands. Her latest venture, Mastermind Matters, is set to bridge the gap.

Through a 12-week program, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit will provide entrepreneurs with various resources for tax preparation, property entities and retirement. 

“I’ve always wanted to share what I’ve learned,” Tamara tells us. “So Mastermind Matters is an opportunity for me to build this nonprofit entity that will equip artists with these skills and tools. It will help them sustain their lives as creative entrepreneurs, not just talented artists.” 

“It’s just rewarding to see them because I never want them to be taken advantage of. So, it’s my way of giving back and providing resources,” she adds.

Tamara constantly creates and looks for innovative ways to help image architects grow. While Tamara focuses on developing Mastermind Matters, she wants aspiring female entrepreneurs to “really nurture their soul and get to know themselves.” Knowing who you are as a woman will go a long way in helping you make your mark.

Check out for more information on Tamara Taylor’s company and client roster. 


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