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Hip Hop’s rising star Flo Milli is trending on social media and it isn’t under the best condition. Flo Milli’s recent advertisement with Beats By Dre headphones features her hopping out of a black Escalade, gazing at a Confederate statue and dancing as the words “flex that comeback” appear across the screen. The short Beats By Dre commercial advertising their latest Flex Wireless headphones left fans confused and questioning who was behind Flo Milli’s demise.

The 20 year old rapper and songwriter is best known for her 2019 singles “Beef FloMix” and “In The Party,” which both went viral on TikTok and other social media platforms. Many fans have grown fond of her playful tone and entertaining raps over the years. Flo Milli represents for the young, vibrant and unapologetic women in Hip Hop who are effortlessly taking over the industry with clever wordplay and catchy melodic hooks that make them unforgettable.

Flo Milli’s debut mixtape Ho, Why Is You Here? was released last summer and it peaked at number 78 on the Billboard 200 list. With such early success, the young rapper from Mobile, Alabama has reached a wide range of new fans and supporters of her movement. Flo Milli has continued to entertain fans with new music and her animated videos on TikTok and social media which showcase her personality and lifestyle. She has entered a new realm of fashion and beauty by gracing the covers of magazines like the notoriously creative Paper magazine.

This latest stunt with Beats By Dre is fans least favorite move from the up and comer. Usually, fans are ruthless on the Internet and are quick to turn on their favorite artist or celebrity, but for some reason, in this instance no one blames Flo Milli for her involvement in the strange advertisement. Instead, fans are begging Beats By Dre to take it back to the drawing board and remove this painfully awkward commercial from the media. The reactions are comedic nonetheless.

Someone said it’s a “brunch boots Black” working at the Beats Headquarters who’s responsible for Flo Milli’s two step in front of the Confederate statue, and we can’t unsee it.

Surely, everyone remembers the tone-deaf Pepsi advertisement Kendall Jenner starred in back in 2017. Fans are comparing that tragic moment to this commercial with Flo Milli and Beats By Dre. How unfortunate, because one was definitely far worse than the other. We will allow you to decide which one hurt the Black community more.

One of our least favorite moments of 2020 was when these activists krumped their way through the protests. Someone said this was Flo Milli in front of that statue and all we can say is, “Ho, why is you here?”

This is the question that plagues us all. What exactly is “Flex that clap back” supposed to mean Beats By Dre? We’re dazed and confused. As much as we love Flo Milli, it’s way too early in her career to make careless creative decisions like this especially considering the climate of the world right now.

There’s only one solution to this atrocious commercial. We must find the person responsible for this and try again. Literally, she could flex a Rolex, a new whip or another magazine cover before flexing a clap back. We hope corporate sees our cries as the world clearly wants better for the talented rapper. Justice for Flo Milli.




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