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Rappers retiring from the game and then unretiring so they can retire again is nothing new; ask Jay-Z or Lil Wayne. But 33-year-old Bow Wow (real name Shad Moss) might be biting off more than he can chew with his plans for life after rap. He’s been threatening to retire for at least four years and has yet to make good on the promise.

But he might finally know how he’s going to occupy his time. Instead of attending church bingo or line dancing classes, Moss tweeted, “Now I know this might sound crazy… BUT… after I drop my last album. I will focus on tv and film. And joining the @WWE its been a lifelong childhood dream to wrestle in the WWE!!!!”

While it might be difficult to tell if the statement was sincere or kayfabe, WWE wrestler T-Bar (real name Christopher James Dijak) made it very clear he had no intentions of taking the rapper seriously. In fact, if Moss had any thoughts of a warm welcome, T-Bar let “Calvin Cambridge” know he would get destroyed.

T-Bar stands at 6’7″ while Bow Wow is reportedly 5’5″, so there could be some disadvantages when it comes to reach or weight. But the legendary Rey Mysterio is approximately the same height as Moss, so the difference in height does not have to be what limits his success. And maybe T-Bar thinks since he was targeting newly minted Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski, earlier in the week.

But maybe Bow Wow’s attempt to cross over into professional wrestling will work better than Calvin’s attempt to crossover into the NBA. Because if there were ever one rapper who could have possibly made the transition and given T-Bar some work, it’d have been Shaq.

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