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Tank made a shocking revelation on Wednesday (May 12) which promoted fans to offer prayers.

The singer posted a video to his Instagram page and told the world he had gone deaf in his right ear and was currently losing hearing in his left.

“So I’m going through something right now and I want to use my situation to encourage your situation,” the singer began. “I’m going completely deaf in my right ear and I’m kinda losing sound in my left. I’m dizzy, can’t walk a straight line. All of this out of nowhere, don’t know how or why.”

He continued, “Seen the doctors, got an MRI and all that good stuff going on, medication, all of that. But it hasn’t given me a reason to give up. It still hasn’t given me a reason to give up. It still hasn’t given me a reason to stop wanting to be everything who I set out to be. It hasn’t stopped me from the goal, which is to be great and the greatest. I want to say that to you, whether your body is failing you, whether your mind is failing you, whether your spirit is failing you, keep going. Keep pushing. I’ma document my process to show you the fight. That you’re still in it, we’re still in it. So, much love to you and let’s keep fighting.”

The singer/songwriter’s recent diagnosis prompted friends such as Kevin Hart to offer prayer and more. In recent years Tank has not only been on the upswing but healthy, getting married as well as releasing albums such as Savage and Elevation, the former containing his smash hit single “When We” and the latter featuring the singles “Dirty” and “I Don’t Think You’re Ready.”

Praying for you, Tank!



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