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A quick Google search of the term “mulatto” will give you a definition that describes it as, “a person of mixed white and black ancestry, especially a person with one white and one black parent.” Head on over to Urban Dictionary and you’ll get a better understanding behind its negative connotations, with one entry reading, “They are usually very attractive, given that they are the perfect blend, not too light and not too dark,” and another that echoes that sentiment: “very sexy features and lighter skin.” In short, the term “mulatto” has been used since the dawn of slavery to separate our people even further apart by making “lighter” seem “better.”

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That’s the stage name for one of your favorite new female rappers. Well, that was her rap aka before officially deciding to go with the way less controversial option of just Latto.

All of the rising rap star’s social accounts have made the update to Latto, and you’ll also see her other aka known as ‘Big Latto’ as well — every good emcee has at least five! HotNewHipHop noted that she officially debuted as Latto on wax with a feature on rapper Toosii’s recently released mixtape, Thank You For Believing. With her upcoming single “The Biggest” dropping on May 21, Latto also makes it loud and clear that the change is here to stay. However, nothing has changed about who ‘the baddest’ is.

“F*ck it, I’ll change my name,” she raps in a recent IG video as the new single blares in the background, also spitting, “but I bet they still gon’ find something!” The verse continues to spell out the official name change, boldly stating, “New money, new crib, new whip, new name — I’m still that bitch!” May the baddest win in the world of female emcees, but we’re just glad Big Latto made a conscious decision that showed both respect for herself and our culture as Black people. Terms like “mulatto” foster an unneeded sense of competition in our race, especially amongst our women, so one step towards ending that is simply good in any rhyme book. Props.




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