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Trick Daddy had the whole world tripping when he made a very sacrilegious musical opinion by stating during a recent Clubhouse chat that superstar singer Beyoncé can’t sing. From digital attacks by her relentless BeyHive fanbase all the way to getting flack from his own protegeé, “the baddest” femcee Trina, the self-proclaimed King of Miami rap definitely found himself in hot water over his opinion.

It looks like Trick isn’t too bothered by the flack he’s been getting though, even doubling down by naming five female music icons that he believes King Bey can’t compete with.


The original Clubhouse conversation (seen above), saw Trick saying Beyoncé “can’t SANG,” and used the argument that, in his words, “I watched my god-momma train Beyoncé [and] give her vocal lessons all her career.” Furthermore, he went on to say the “Crazy In Love” hitmaker is “to R&B what Jay-Z is to New York,” then went on to explain that wild statement by adding, “Jay-Z ain’t ever won ‘The Greatest Rapper Alive’ [title]. Who ever put him on the level of that? New York lost Biggie; they needed a hero. They wanted to be the mecca of hip-hop, and they just handed it over to Jay-Z.”

Again, how that analogy applies to R&B music and “BEYONCE?!” — *Tiffany “New York” Pollard voice* — is beyond our understanding, but his follow-up comments might just add some more context to the criticism.

Here’s what he had to say in regards to the negative reactions he’s been receiving from angry Bey stans and just normal soul music lovers alike:

“That’s my opinion! Beyoncé the number one performer I ever seen besides Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. Can she ‘sing?’ Yeah. She can’t ‘SANG!’ She ain’t in my top! Beyoncé ain’t Stephanie Mills. She ain’t Patti LaBelle. She ain’t Whitney Houston — Mariah Carey! She ain’t Adele, but that’s my opinion! She might be your Adele. She might be your Whitney Houston — that’s my opinion!”

We get it, Trick — that’s your opinion! However, the opinion in question has many people, well, questioning his musical logic.

Sure, Beyoncé isn’t a legendary Broadway star like Stephanie Mills, a pie-making Apollo Legends Hall Of Famer like Patti Labelle, considered “The Voice” like Whitney Houston, regarded globally as the “Queen Of Music” like Mariah Carey or won that “Album Of the Year”  GRAMMY like Adele. BUT — with a capital B-E-Y — she is in fact the most-awarded women in GRAMMY history, had every one of her solo albums so far debut on top of the Billboard 200 and is simply one of the biggest musicians in the history of R&B and music overall.

With all that said, sorry Trick…you’re about to get roasted again. Bless!

Watch his follow-up critique of Bey below, via The Jasmine Brand:



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