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The global pandemic brought on by last year’s COVID-19 outbreak has come with its fair share of misinformation when it comes to staying healthy, and more specifically staying protected. Words like “Anti-vaxxer” and even “Anti-masker” have been created to classify those who believe everything big Pharma is selling us in terms of vaccines for the virus and protective face gear is all one big hoax, and it looks like rap icon Busta Rhymes might be a proud anti-masker himself.

However, with his big influence on Black culture as well as thousands of fans that’ve been rocking with him since his 1996 debut album, The Coming, is it responsible for a man of Busta Bus’ stature to be saying to his fans, “F*ck your mask!” during a show?

Granted, Busta has been very vocal in the past about his dislike for masks, the lockdown and COVID in general, but it’s an entirely new ball game when we’re talking about live shows with hundreds of people gathered in close quarters. The rant in question went down during his recent set at the Seoul Tacos 10th Anniversary Block Party in St. Louis, telling a cheering crowd, “This is my second show in front of human life in the last 15 fucking months — COVID could suck a d*ck.”

We can definitely agree with that sentiment, as vulgar as it may have been delivered, but the second part of his rant is where things got a little questionable, further adding, “All these little weird-ass government policies and mandates… suck a d*ck! Stop trying to take our civil liberties away.” He doubled down on defending his “God-given right of freedom” by strongly stating, “No human being is supposed to tell you [that] you can’t even breathe freely! F*ck your mask.”

His argument, which is that it’s impossible to rhyme, eat food, see people smile and, yes, flirt while wearing a mask, could come off a bit baseless and slightly selfish. If masks help prevent the spread of coronavirus, and have been proven to do just that, shouldn’t proper health protocol be our main priority? Or, in his defense, does Busta Rhymes make a point simply for expressing his rightful freedom of speech?

Watch the now-viral clip below and let us know if you think Busta Rhymes was well in his “civil liberties” to speak his mind, or should he have been a little more cautious with his message:




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