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Track & field favorite Sha’Carri Richardson saw her popularity make a turn for the worse a few weeks ago after coming in last place to runners from Jamaica in the Prefontaine Classic. A handful of social media antics following the loss is mainly what rubbed people the wrong way, which even had us questioning whether or not she actually had a real problem with Jamaicans.

Now she’s getting some advice from Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt on why she should let her feet do the talking, especially when betting against the proud people in his hometown of Jamaica.


Bolt spoke with the New York Post to give his opinion on the controversy following Sha’Carri’s viral one-month ban for testing positive for cannabis, telling The Post, “I would tell Sha’Carri to train harder and to be focused and not say too much … If you talk that big talk you have to back it up.”

Take a look at more of Usain Bolt’s hot take for Richardson below:

“Bolt said he and his fellow Jamaican athletes were not impressed by Richardson’s attitude, given the historical rivalry between American and Jamaican sprinters. 

‘Jamaicans were vexed because she was talking a lot of s–t before the actual race, it is just one of those things,’ he said. ‘Jamaicans don’t like when people talk s–t about us because we are a very proud people. So if you talk about us we are gonna want you to back it up. It definitely gave those women the extra push [to win.]’

Bolt said he had experienced the same thing with American sprinter Justin Gatlin, who had goaded him going into the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. Gatlin finished second to Bolt in the 100-meter final.Bolt said, ‘That was my thing with Justin Gatlin — because he’s the one that was always talking — so that gives me that energy like, ‘All right you think you’re gonna win let’s go!’’”

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Bolt says he stopped everything to watch Richardson’s big loss at the Prefontaine Classic in Oregon, which ironically occurred on his birthday. “You know Jamaicans they were laughing and just going in at [Richardson],” he admitted, further adding “It was just one of those things.”

The retired track icon even went as far as recommending his new album, Country Yutes, as mood music to help Sha’Carri get prepped for her next race. Music suggestions aside, do you think he has a point in his constructive criticism or should he simply stay out of women’s business? Let us know your thoughts!





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