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Unreleased Biggie Smalls Song Features New Lyrics [Listen]

Source: David Corio / Getty

It’s been more than 20 years since the passing of Biggie Smalls, but new posthumous bars show precisely why he was declared one of the greatest rappers ever.

The song titled  “Bastard Child” surfaced over the weekend, and it features an instrumental produced by Statik Selektah. On the song, Biggie flexes his lyrical muscle and showcases the great storytelling skills that he was known for. On the track Biggie raps:

“Steps out the cab with a duffle bag/All the guns I had, sipping granddad, ’bout to make his momma sad. I can’t stand him, and I don’t know him/And he don’t even know I’m ’bout to blow him/What goes around comes around he should’ve thought about it/Now he’s got to talk to God about it.”

While the first verse of the song features new lyrics, the second verse is from his song “Dead Wrong” before Enimen was added to a revamped version of the song featured on the posthumous Biggie album, Born Again. The original lyrics featured the late Brooklyn rapper detailing his transition from slinging dope to becoming the rap artist we all loved.

“Chump, I’m making hits, no time for the crack rock and shit/Took it to another level/Now I’m getting crazy papes, getting paid from the devils.” 

“Catch a body, I got styles like karate/Jiu-jitsu, when I hit you then I split you/Like a cantaloupe, hope you got a rope to hang yourself. I rob for self; from Brooklyn, where else?”

You can listen to “Bastard Child” below.



Photo: David Corio / Getty

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