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The season two finale of HBO‘s “Euphoria” did what every episode of the show normally does: entertain us but also leave us with so many questions.

Episodic stills from 'Euphoria' season 2 episode 8

Source: Eddy Chen / HBO

The episode entitled “All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned For a Thing I Cannot Name” was filled with the drama that has made the Emmy-winning show a fan favorite. We saw the conclusion of Lexi’s epic play, the ‘Scarface’-like death of Ashtray and Rue making amends with some of the most important people in her life. After all the events that took place in the finale, Season 3, which won’t air until 2024, is already set up to be another emotionally captivating journey. Here are some of the biggest storylines we’re looking forward to going into the third season.

Zendaya and Hunter Schafer Episodic stills from 'Euphoria' season 2 episode 8

Source: Eddy Chen / HBO

Is Rue’s sobriety a phase?

After hitting her absolute lowest point this season, we got to see some positivity in the life of the show’s main character. We were told that Rue (Zendaya) remained sober throughout the rest of the school year. Rue visited Elliott (Dominic Fike) and forgave him. Although she didn’t say anything personally, she had an interaction with Jules (Hunter Schafer) after the play ended and shared a kiss that seemed to show their issues were resolved. Speaking of the play, Rue and her best friend Lexi Howard (Maude Apatow) had a heartfelt reunion after Rue called her to tell her how much she enjoyed the play. She seemed to be in a very good space mentally when the episode ended. Is this a temporary thing though?

Dominic Fike Episodic stills from 'Euphoria' season 2 episode 8

Source: Eddy Chen / HBO

Rue’s life seems to be going how we all would want it to but there are still some things left unsolved. Are she and Jules really done? She mentioned Jules as her “first love.” It stood out that she was speaking of their relationship in the past tense. If they’re actually finished, where does Rue’s love life take her next? Also, what happened to Laurie (Martha Kelly)? We haven’t seen her since Rue snuck out of her house. Rue owes Laurie $10,000 for the suitcase of drugs she fronted her. When will she come to collect? Rue mentioned that she “doesn’t know if the feeling will last forever” but she is “trying.” How long will Rue try? Could we see Rue trying to help Elliott get sober? Will there be anything that happens to Rue that makes her go back down the path that nearly took her out?

Javon Walton Episodic stills from 'Euphoria' season 2 episode 8

Source: Eddy Chen / HBO

Will Fezco die or go to jail?

One of the craziest scenes we’ve seen on either season of Euphoria (there are a lot of them) had to have been the death of Ashtray (Javon Walton). Before presumably getting taken out in a shootout with the cops, Ash continued his run of terror by stabbing and killing Custer (Tyler Chase). Custer had just told Fez that the cops were asking about Mouse’s death. Faye (Chloe Cherry) did her best to warn Fez not to say anything and even tried to blame everything on Laurie, but it was already too late. Fezco (Angus Cloud) was put in a very tough spot when he realized what his younger adoptive brother had done. Fez immediately started to think of how he could get his brother out of the situation. He quickly decided that he would take the fall for Custer’s death. Before he could do anything though, Ash pistol-whipped Fez and locked himself in the bathroom where the cops would eventually shoot him.

With his brother likely dead, will Fez go through with his plan to take the blame for the body? Is it possible that Fez tells the truth about his little brother to avoid major jail time? Is it over for the budding relationship between Fez and Lexi?

Our Life Episodic stills from 'Euphoria' season 2 episode 8

Source: Eddy Chen / HBO

What’s next for Cassie and Maddy’s friendship?

In a scene that looked like it could have been taken from an episode of “Maury” or “Jerry Springer,” Maddy (Alexa Demie) and Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) finally had the physical altercation that we all knew was bound to happen at some point.

Cassie, fresh off of being broken up with by Nate, has bad intentions when she reenters the auditorium. She goes on stage and tries her best to ruin her sister’s play. She berates Lexi about her not living enough and even goes on to ask their mother Suze(who stole the show in her own right) why it’s okay for Lexi to be putting all of their business out in the open. Cassie absolutely loses it when she sees a reenactment of an MDMA-fueled moment she had at the fair and attacks the girl portraying her. Seeing this was enough for Maddy to get up out of her seat and give Cassie a taste of her own medicine by attacking her.

The girls eventually end up in a bathroom where Cassie mentions how Nate broke up with her even before she went on stage. Maddy replies “Don’t worry. It’s just the beginning.” Was this Maddy giving Cassie her blessing to date Nate? Will Maddy let Cassie endure the same pain she felt while dealing with him? Will the two ever become close friends again?

Episodic stills from 'Euphoria' season 2 episode 8

Source: Eddy Chen / HBO

Will Nate’s life get better after his decision to get his father arrested?

The last time we saw Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane), he was urinating on the floor while basically telling his family that he would no longer be in their lives. Nate (Jacob Elordi) was relieved that his father had finally left and that he could get on with his life. Something about the play triggered Nate though. We catch up with him after he’s left the play and see him driving while loading his gun. He arrives at his father’s shop and obviously wants to choose violence. He shows his father a USB device that has all the evidence of the despicable things his father has done. He tells Cal “You don’t get to ruin our lives and just move on and be happier.” We then see Cal arrested by the police.

What caused the change of heart for Nate? A few episodes back, he was willing to do whatever it took to keep his family’s name and reputation intact but that all has to be over with now that his father will be in prison right? Will Nate still try to take over the family business? With his father out of his life for the foreseeable future, will his life become any type of normal? Will he go back to one of his girlfriends?

Hunter Schafer Episodic stills from 'Euphoria' season 2 episode 8

Source: Eddy Chen / HBO

Season 2 left us with so many things to look forward to when the show returns in 2024. What were your favorite moments of this season? What are your predictions for Season 3? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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