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Here's How You Can Watch Kanye West's 'The Future Brunch' Livestream

Source: Edward Berthelot / Getty

To close out Black History Month, or as Kanye West has dubbed it, Black Future Month, he decided to share a livestream from his “The Future Brunch.”

Ye teamed up with a peddler of poorly sourced news, Jason Lee, earlier in February to hold a brunch bringing together a plethora of Black journalists. The focus of the gathering was to talk about “controlling our narrative” and “vital ways to further amplify Black voices and the Black culture narrative.”

The embattled rapper took some time off from harassing Pete Davidson and shared a clip of him speaking at the brunch that honestly looked like an Illuminati gathering ahead of the livestream event. Black journalists joined Yeezy, and his new buddy Lee was seated at a table reminiscent of Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party” art installation.

“It’s something that seems so powerful and so calm about us just being together and us being connected, and this is a time we’re not going to back down and we not going to have people say you need to stop communicating cause you gonna look ramped up,” West says in the clip. “Tell me what y’all need. Let’s tell each other what we need from each other.”

Sharing the same clip on his Instagram post, Lee wrote in the caption, “One of the most powerful moments in my life as a black content creator. Thank you @kanyewest and @dondaofficial for creating a masterpiece for BLACK FUTURE MONTH.”

Ironically the event hosted by Ye and Lee happened weeks before Lee’s gossip website Hollywood Unlocked came under fire for falsely reporting Queen Elizabeth II passed away. The celebrity gossip blogger doubled down on the story claiming he had sources close to the palace that confirmed the news before conceding that his reporting was indeed false. Strangely, the tweet claiming “we don’t post lies” while continuing to “stand by sources” is still up.

Well, whatever the case may be, you can watch the entire roughly one-hour livestream by heading here. If you get any valuable nuggets from it, let us know.

Photo: Edward Berthelot / Getty

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