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Source: Kevin Samuels/Facebook / Kevin Samuels/Facebook

A cause of death for Kevin Samuels was revealed Monday. According to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office, the controversial YouTube personality died due to hypertension, which is another name for high blood pressure.

Medical examiner notes also revealed Samuels was taking a medication to treat hypertension called Atenolol.

“Evidence of hypertension includes a heart whose chambers are thicker than normal,” the Examiner told TMZ. 

The self-proclaimed relationship guru and image consultant died on May 5, after collapsing in his Atlanta apartment following complaints of chest pains. A woman he was with at the time of his death called 911 and tried to perform CPR after he turned blue in the face. TMZ obtained the 911 call from the tragic incident, where the young woman could be heard struggling to save his life. 

“I just need to give him CPR,” said the woman, who identified herself as a nurse. “Yes! [I need an ambulance] It’s Kevin-f*cking-Samuels.”

The 57-year-old social media personality was rushed to Piedmont Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Hypertension is often called the ‘silent killer’ in the medical community because it does not always have symptoms and therefore can be hard to detect.  According to the American Heart Association, about 55% of Black adults have high blood pressure. Black people also have disproportionately high rates of more severe HBP and it develops earlier in life. Lack of access to care, lack of access to healthy foods, and other societal issues play a huge factor in the disproportionate rates of hypertension among Black people.

Kevin Samuels’ death was just as controversial as his YouTube content. Some mourned, others expressed “relief” without rejoicing at the loss of human life, and some just flat-out celebrated his passing. His polarizing views during life had a huge effect on how people handled his death. They also questioned his bank account and wondered if Samuels really lived the “high value” lifestyle he preached.

Samuels garnered over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 1.45 million subscribers on YouTube. But when it was revealed that he lived in a relatively affordable luxury rental apartment in Atlanta, pundits and bloggers began to question his net worth. 

Houston attorney, Dennis Spurling, took to youtube to defend his late friend, calling the rumors that Samuels was broke, a flat-out lie and that he actually died, ‘rich AF.’

Regardless of the way you feel about Kevin Samuels, there is much to learn from his passing. 

“The way Samuels is viewed in death is a direct, unfiltered reflection of the “disreputable legacy” left behind from the life he chose to live, said Ekemini Uwan, a theologian and co-author of “Truth’s Table: Black Women’s Musings on Life, Love, and Liberation in a statement to NewsOne.

“Kevin Samuels preyed on the desires of Black women and built his platform by making us the target of his misogynoir and sexist views. As a result, he poisoned the discourse between Black women and men.”


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