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Apparently, former University of Kentucky (UK) student Sophia Rosing has not apologized to current UK student Kylah Spring for racially attacking her verbally and physically in an incident that was caught on camera and one that has ended in Rosing’s arrest and expulsion from the school. This isn’t terribly shocking considering the fact that Rosing would rather blame her racism on the alcohol than actually take responsibility for her own Klan-ish actions.

And Spring is far from flabbergasted, too.

“It hurts but I’m not surprised,” Spring told CBS News on Wednesday morning about Rosing failing to apologize to her at any time during the full month since the full violent display of drunken white supremacy.

Spring went on to remind us about how Black people are always expected to be calm and composed in the face of white violence lest we be made to look like the aggressor.

“I wanted to make sure I acted appropriately so that I could keep my job because the script could have been flipped at any time if I had retaliated,” Spring said.


Imagine being the clear victim of a racist attack and having to calculate the degree to which you’re allowed to defend yourself without risking your employment.

Meanwhile, according to CBS, Rosing’s lawyer claims she will apologize at an appropriate time, which means the racist has the privilege of deciding the terms under which she will say she’s sorry for her racism and anti-Black violence.

But how apologetic can Rosing be when she has pleaded not guilty to all the charges related to the incident? How sorry could she possibly be when she refuses to take responsibility for any of it? What would any apology coming from her even mean?

Fortunately, Spring doesn’t need whatever fake apology Rosing might muster up to know people have her back. She told CBS that the outpouring of love from students and community members has helped her greatly through a difficult and likely traumatizing experience.

“And then hearing like the rumble of people, young people my age that are just like so fired up behind me and for this cause on campus, it was just like I started crying, and I got a little like weak in the knees,” Spring said. “It was just like it was such an amazing experience to see so many people supporting.”

Spring doesn’t need to entertain some weak, “I’m not racist, I just say and do racist things” apology from her attacker. It wouldn’t be sincere anyway. Justice is far more important.


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